Inspire Learning Partnership

Year 6

July 2017


As you know Year 6 are going to be heading up to their new secondary schools therefore we have all been going to the transition days. We really enjoyed it and are happy about making new friends and meeting all the new teachers there. A few days ago Duncan came in and we had to create calm and relaxing places for people to release all of their worries and be happy in. On Monday the 3rd July the fire service came in and spoke to us about fire alarms and how to be safe around the road. This was really fun and interesting. Every year, Year 6 do an end of year production and we have been practising ready for our performance of the Lion King. We are really excited to show everybody what we have achieved as we are extremely proud of it.

May 2017




We would like to say congratulations to all of the children for finishing their SATs. The hard work, dedication and positive attitudes the children had were incredible – they did themselves (and us) very proud. Thank you to everyone who contributed food for our post-SATs party, the children enjoyed a feast of sweet and savoury home-made goodies.


For the remainder of this year, we will be having regular rewards for those children who continue to follow the Kanes Hill Golden Rules. We also have the Year 6 production of The Lion King to look forward to – auditions will be held this week. Please let us know if you have any skills, equipment or contacts that will support this.


This week, we have launched our new topic: The Savage. The children have enjoyed making Plasticine models, creating wanted posters and have all taken part in a drama workshop. Shortly, we will be using the outdoor environments to create habitats and producing some writing based on this fantastic story.

2nd March 2017


This half-term began with Arts Week. Our whole school theme was Dreams, Nightmares and Aspirations. The children enjoyed writing their own setting description for a spooky location of their choice. Using the figurative language they gathered, they then wrote nightmare poems – that will shortly be published in a whole school book. On World Book Day many of the children came to school wearing an outfit that represented the career they wanted when they were older. In the afternoon they created sculptures using wire of something linked to fantasies and nightmares.


We were fortunate enough to have two scientists visit from the University of Southampton. They brought with them an interesting array of artefacts including the skulls of a turtle and a gazelle. The children asked interesting questioning to extend their understanding and couldn’t believe that a shrew can eat a rabbit! We have also been learning about the digestive system. The children especially enjoyed making poo (the hygienic way of course).


World War II


Year 6 began their World War II topic with an exciting afternoon learning all about WWI and how this triggered the beginning of WWII. The children worked in small groups to learn about different aspects of the 1st World War and then presented back to their class in an engaging way. Following this, the children began to think about the key players and who was in charge of Britain / Germany during this time. We were fortunate enough to have ‘visits’ from these key figures and the children asked thoughtful and insightful questions to deepen their understanding.

Picture 1

This week began with an evacuation of all Year 6 children (from Kanes Hill and Hightown) to St Christopher’s Church.

The children looked fantastic in their 1940’s outfits, it was fantastic to see so many of them making the effort with their costume and bringing in a wartime lunch consisting of spam sandwiches, apples and homemade cake / biscuits. We were joined by Miss White’s grandparents, who shared their experiences of being evacuated.

The children also enjoyed some drama (in role as an evacuee); they learnt about rationing; wrote a postcard home and experienced a strict 1940’s style classroom – where they completed dictation tasks in chalk. At lunchtime the children marched outside, ensuring they got adequate fresh air; played wartime games and listened to music from the era.

Fairthorne Manor


Year 6 had an action-packed week at Fairthorne Manor. The children enjoyed a variety of activities which developed their team work and communication skills. It was a pleasure to see the children push themselves out of their comfort zone to try new things and as a result their confidence grew throughout the week.


Particular highlights were their resourceful-ness when tackling the team challenge. The children had to climb over wooden walls, under huge nets and through tires – all whilst holding onto a cup of water trying not to spill anything. 

Picture 1

On Wednesday night, at the disco, a fun night was had by all. The following evening, the children sung their hearts out at the campfire. The Year 6 team were really proud of the excellent attitudes all children showed during the week.

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