Inspire Learning Partnership

Year 4

June 2017


This term Year 4 have been looking at a range of different animals, taking on the role of ‘David Attenborough’, to create their own nature documentaries. We also had a fantastic hands-on experience with all the creatures in Zoo Lab, which has further inspired our writing for our animal fact files. We have also been focusing on using our subordinating conjunctions, possessive pronouns and our other grammar skills to help write these. We have all been really mature and respectful during our new SRE (Sex and relationships) topic and are asking relevant questions about how our bodies change as we grow older.

This term Year 4 have been filming their very own stop-motion animations. We used Plasticine in small groups to plan our story board. We then used Plasticine to create the models we needed and draw our own backgrounds. Each movement needs to be really small and it takes a long time just to film a few seconds! We were all looking forward to Sports Day, and have been practising really hard for this in our P.E!



This term started off on a high, when we all flew to Spain! It was amazing to see the children applying their Spanish language skills and trying all of the different Spanish foods.  Year 4 then applied our Year 4 skills in a diary entry, on our trip to Spain.  We have also learned a new song in Spanish, which we are hoping to perform to parents soon. Our learning on our theme ‘Spain’ will be celebrated in our Spanish Fiesta at the end of the year.

We also have really enjoyed looking through our poetry book, and seeing all of the children’s’ work published in our book.  Don’t forget to order your copy from the school office by May 23rd.

This term we have also been investigating the digestive system. We have been so enthusiastic when learning for this topic! We will be completing a very interesting and realistic investigation of the digestive system, which will reveal exactly what happens in the digestive system.

We are all looking forward to half term. But we also can’t wait to come back!



We have had such a FUN couple of weeks of learning. A highlight was our trip to Holden Farm! We had such an enjoyable day learning in the outdoors. We discovered what different crops are used to make our food and had the chance to explore the crops in their raw state. We learnt about all the ginormous machines that the farmers use to run the farm and had the opportunity to speak to the farmers themselves and have our questions answered. In addition, we learnt about Barn Owls and found bones and teeth in their pellets (yuck!), observed different caterpillars and moths at various stages of their lives, hunted for mini-beasts in the wild flower meadow and ran through a stubble field with the dogs! As a result of all the fun we had at the far, our writing has been incredible. We have all been able to engage the reader with our hilarious and informative diaries.


Thank you to everyone who came to our celebration event. Our handmade cakes proved very popular and everyone was impressed by the quilt patches that we had hand stitched. All the money raised will be split between our Sponsor Child and the Countryside Trust, who made our trip to Holden Farm possible.



Spring is in the air!

We have started this half term with immense imagination, amazing artwork and terrific tunes!

Arts week has given us all a chance to show off our different skills and combine them together. We cannot wait for our imaginative dream catcher poems to be published in the school book!

We have carefully designed and made dream catchers, to help our dream catcher characters collect dreams and nightmares. We have had a brilliant first instrument lesson back and the teachers were really impressed with the practise some of us had put in over half term. We have also used our musical skills to create sound tracks for our poems that mirror the language we have chosen and the image we want to create.


Happy February!

We have worked so hard in January and had so much fun together that is has just flown by! A highlight was our trip to Southampton Central Hall to watch the Southern Pro Musica Orchestra perform. We enjoyed spotting all of the instruments that we are learning to play ourselves and loved listening to the professionals play them together as a group.

We have been building inspectors at Mr Willy Wonka’s factory, checking the perimeter and area of the rooms in his factory, so that he has enough room for all his chocolate and mysterious workers. We have also been used to taste test different chocolate and describe them in adverts, which we performed in our groups, to help sell Willy Wonka’s inventions. We are now combining PE with Maths to help up remember quick ways to solve word problems using the 4 operations, and we are really enjoying this different way of learning.



Welcome Back!

You will never guess what!? We have found Golden Tickets hidden in our classrooms! They have invited us to learn all about the world of Mr Willy Wonka and chocolate from the humble cocoa bean to the Scrumdiddlyumptious bar. We have begun our learning of this topic by starting to read Roald Dahl’s famous novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Although lots of us have read it before, we have been using our reading powers to explore the text, and even to explain the pictures and layout.


In Maths, we have been looking at decimals and using our place value and division knowledge to find tenths, hundredths and even thousandths of a number.  Although this is a tricky topic we are all approaching it with a positive learning attitude and as a result are “flying high”!


Playing our instruments with our friends again this week in our In2Music groups after 2 weeks off school was brilliant, and the teachers could really tell that some of us had been practising hard over the holidays. We are really looking forward to attending the music concert in Southampton in 2 weeks time.



Year 4 have been working their woolly socks off as the holidays fast approach. We are applying all of our Viking learning over this half term into different styles of writing. We have chosen our own way to show off are skills, and as a result we have all written in many different genres. In Maths we have recently been tackling fractions and decimals, with great success!


We all really enjoyed our trip to the cinema to see the BFG, and this was a great introduction to next terms exploration of Roald Dahl’s novel, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and our learning about fair trade and the cocoa bean.


Our part in the KS2 Annie production is really coming together. We have been practising our acting parts, perfecting our song and being creative with prop making. We really hope lots of our family and friends will be at one of the performances to watch us.


We are all looking forward to a well-earned rest over Christmas!


Hello! We are really enjoying challenging ourselves in Year 4.


We have just moved on from learning about the Saxons and are now discovering what the Vicious Vikings got up to when they raided England. 


We have also been helping King Hrothgar, work out the size of his armies and banquet recipes in Maths and have been learning about frontal adverbials, adjective and commas in English and are really looking forward to applying these skills when we write our own adventure stories.


We are becoming very tuneful on our instruments and are loving learning them with our friends and teachers.  This week we have also started learning our song for the Annie performance.