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Year 2


Inverness News

The World’s Greatest Monster


Yesterday afternoon. In Scotland, there was an amazing discovery because George Edwards has adventurously taken a photo of the amazing monster, lurking in the cold, black loch (lake).


At 10pm, George the sailor spotted an amazing sea creature that was blue, scary and it had a long neck. “It was awesome” said George. “What an amazing creature it was!”


George might have seen the Loch Ness monster, however he only has one picture of him. Some people believe it’s only a log, a different sea creature or an old boat that sank. “If you saw it for more than a second then you should have 2 or 3 pictures” said the expert.

If you ver see Nessy, write to, or call Inverness News. And don’t forget to send your photos but more than one photo. Do you believe in Nessy?


Dinosaur Spotted


You won’t believe what was caught on CCTV outside our classroom last week:


Still image for this video

Yes, that’s right! A real life dinosaur! We also found dinosaur eggs and fossils around our school… but there’s no need to be worried, because we set to work straight away to create wanted posters, and we also wrote to the local newspaper to tell them all about our discovery.


Take a look at our writing here:


Clay Castles

We have really enjoyed making our clay castles this week in Year 2 – and we especially enjoyed it when our parents came in to help us paint them! Take a look at our slideshow:


What a ‘wonder’-ful week we’ve had!


This week in Year 2, we have enjoyed a fantastic Arts Week, inspired by dreams. We looked at a book, ‘The Wonder’, in which a boy draws pictures inspired by his weird and wonderful day dreams.

We had a go at creating our own day dreams, using collage techniques. We also write poems and music to accompany our day dreams. Take a look at our photos to see how much fun we’ve had:

Finally, here is one of our poems for you to enjoy.


The Wonder


In my dream, I can see,

A strong monkey,

Swinging across as quick as a cheetah,

Through a big, long jungle.


In my dream, I can see,

A magical Santa,

Sweeping through,

Small, skinny and old.


In my dream, I can see,

A chocolate candy man,

Travelling across,

The cotton candy floor.


By Ethan M.


Maths Day!


Today, year 2 had a lot of maths-related fun, for Maths Day! Our costumes were excellent:

Picture 1
Picture 2

We headed to the hall, where we took part in some ‘active maths’ – we used positional language (forwards, backwards, left, right, half turn and quarter turn) to guide our partner around an obstacle course.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Next, we received our Maths Challenge from Mrs Walder. We had to spot as many even numbers around the school as we could.

Finally, we had a go at a Crack the Code challenge. We worked out the secret message! Take a look:

Picture 1


Spooky Castles!


This week Year 2 have been thinking about spooky castles, we have created creepy pictures using charcoal and created lists of expanded noun phrases describing the things you might see if you were to visit.

In our history lessons we have been learning about the different parts of a castle.

Did you know, that some castles have murder holes that enabled people to pour horrible things on their enemies?

Picture 1

In maths we are preparing to complete an exciting maths challenge that Miss Wilcox has set and we are really looking forward to challenging ourselves as we put the skills we have learned into practise.


The Year 2 team is growing and we were really excited to welcome Mrs Taylor and Mrs Atwell who will be working with us over the next few weeks.

Picture 1


Beastly Behaviour!


This week in Year 2, we have loved learning about the story of the Lonely Beast! We imagined how we would feel and act if a huge, black beast with yellow eyes arrived in our city. Here are some freeze frames of our reactions:

We also used our fractions skills to half and double the Lonely Beast’s picnic, just in case some extra beasts turned up:

Picture 1

Next week, we will be writing our Lonely Beast diaries. We can’t wait to show you!



Our Polar Fun Day!


This week Year 2 were thrilled to be joined by Taylor, the Arctic explorer, who taught us all about life in the Arctic.

He showed us his Arctic kit and we had a go at trying it on!

Next, we learnt all about the art produced by the Inuit people. We used foam, paint and rollers to make our own.

We learnt all about adaptation. Some animals have a layer of blubber, and we recreated blubber insulation using our own hands.

Finally, we learnt all about glaciers. We made our own versions out of plasticine and cornflour.

We had such a wonderful day!



New Adventures!


Wolves and Jellyfish teachers, Miss Wilcox, Mr Burns and Mr James, were super excited to meet their new classes this week!


We can’t wait to see you all again in September!

Picture 1