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Travel Plan

Travel Plan Update 


We are pleased to announce that we have now achieved the silver award for our Travel Plan. Elliot Prescott, our STARS officer, came into assembly to present the shield with the silver Star to the school.

Travel Plan Update


Safe Parking Banner

During the summer term of 2017, our Safe parking banners were finally unveiled. Two of our local councillors Mary Lloyd and John Jordan came to help. These banners are now hanging up outside the school for everyone to see.  We even made it into the local echo!

The children have been taking part in a number of training programmes.

Year 4 children took part in pedestrian skills training.  This took place on the pavements around the school and was designed to teach the children some valuable skills and techniques to keep them safe when they are walking to school. All the children that completed the training have been given a letter outlining the specific skills they were taught.

Year 2 children begun the Spring Term by learning how to ride their scooters safely. They were taught how to ride their scooters safely on the pavements around the school and were taught basic scooter maintenance.

 Elliot Prescott has kindly donated a scooter pod to our school. This has now been erected in the cycle shed ready for the children to use. The children will need to obtain a Scooter permit from the office and will need to bring a padlock in to secure their scooters.

We have been working with Hazel Elliot, at Southampton City Council, to produce our own walking zone maps. We look forward to these being completed and once we have them published each child will be given their own copy.

The maps will highlight safe walking and cycling routes to school.


We would like to thank all those parents who are still keeping to their parking pledge and are not parking:

On the zig zag lines

Bus stop area

Outside the school gates

On any double yellow lines

On the pavements

In the roads that denies access to any other houses.

Parking Pledges

Thank you to all the parents who signed our parking pledges. We are so pleased that many of you are encouraging the children to walk to school. For those parents that have to drive, we thank you for parking safely and not blocking our school entrances.


Bikeability training

During the summer term, all our Year 6 pupils took part in cycling proficiency training. The instructors took the children out of school in small groups and taught them how to ride safely on the roads.

Any child who would like to ride their bikes to school can apply for a bike permit. The cycle sheds can hold over 30 bikes and are locked throughout the day


Road Safety Celebration Day

At the end of the summer term, our travel plan ambassadors were invited to attend the road safety celebration day at Winchester Fire Station.  The children took part in different competitions all based around road safety. The children were awarded with certificates for all their hard work and the school has been awarded with Bronze star for all our achievements over the last year.

Scooter training

Year 2 have begun the Spring Term by learning how to ride their scooters safely. Elliot Prescott, our STARS officer, has kindly donated to our school our first scooter pod. This will be placed in the shed behind the school and will enable our children to store their scooters safely at school.

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Mrs Hicks has been busy organising the travel plan for the summer term. After selecting our Governor’s award winners, we are now just waiting for our new safe parking banners to be delivered. These will be launched and displayed outside the school when ready. Once the banners are displayed, we will be asking parents and carers to support our school parking pledge which is aimed at reducing the congestion around the school gates, improving road safety and to increase the number of children travelling actively to school. Monday 18th May is the start of Walk to School Week, more information will follow in the next newsletter and through the school council.


Please see below the winning designs that have been chosen for the school banner.

Hayley Year 2

Sienna Year 3

Brooke Year 6

Eleanor Year 4