Inspire Learning Partnership

Summer Term


Summer Concert

Our Y5 and Y6 instrumentalists performed superbly this morning in their Summer Concert to parents and the rest of the school.  They played with such confidence and it was wonderful to hear the progress they have made this year.  Our thanks go to Mrs Porter, Mrs Watkins and Mr Hanchett for all their hard work during the year and the time and care they take to support our children each week.  I’m so pleased that so many children this year have taken grade exams and that lots will be recognised with a ‘Con Brio’ award from the Music Hub next week in our final assembly.  A big well done from us all.

Tuesday 12th July.  

Eddie the Penguin was performed by Little Voices.

It was amazing!  The children have rehearsed the performance after school each week and worked incredibly hard to learn their lines and all the songs.  They told the story of Eddie the Penguin who discovered his ice was melting.  He travelled around the world with his penguin family helping to save the planet with lots of tips about recycling and keeping in the heat!  All the children looked fantastic on the stage and sounded superb.  Thank you to all the children for all their hard work in Little Voices this year and to all the parents for their support each week. 

Don’t forget to look out for the letter in September to sign up again next year!  


Wow!!!! Our Young Voices choir with children from Y5 and Y6 had an amazing morning with Jon from SOCO at their recording studio.  23 very excited children spent the morning singing to record their new album.  It was wonderful to see all their smiling faces and hear how wonderful they sounded on the recordings.  We can’t wait to hear the final copies and start selling our album!!

Sounds from the Stadium                                                                5th July 2016


We were so lucky to take part in the ‘Sounds from the Stadium’ Concert at St. Mary’s Stadium.  We joined together with over 2000 children from across Southampton for a mass concert.  Singing together with CJ Edwards was amazing and it was lovely to hear Restless Symphony live again along with an opera singer.  Cordelectra (the electronic string trio) were amazing and it was so exciting to play ‘I got bills’ and ‘Cheerleader Song’ along with them on our own instruments.  We ended the concert drumming on our tubs and gave our coppers to Southampton Hospital toward the Maternity echo machine.  Thank you to all our parents who came along and supported us.   It was a fantastic opportunity which we thoroughly enjoyed!


Year 5 are working hard on their compositions using Boomwhackers.  Look at all the different ways to make sounds they’ve found!  Fantastic.

HAT Orchestra


Friday 24th June started fairly quietly before our HAT Orchestra got together with Y5 and Y6 pupils from both Kanes Hill and Hightown Primary.  It turned out to be an amazing day!  The children rehearsed as an orchestra with Mr Hanchett during the morning putting final touches to their pieces from across the year.  They performed to their family and friends at the end of the day and sounded superb.  It was lovely to see the music drawing the children together and enjoy listening to their playing.  All the performers have come such a long way this year and as their improvising showed, we have some true musicians in our mix.  Thank you to Mr Hanchett for all his encouragement and support to develop our players during this year and a massive thank you to all our Y5 and Y6 players for their hard work and dedication to Orchestra this year.  

Wednesday 25th May 2016

In2music Concert

Our Y4 children were fantastic this morning.  They played in a concert for their parents using their trumpets, violins, flutes and clarinets to show just how amazing they were.  They played ‘Tango’ and ‘Cha cha’ as an orchestra along with their arrangement of ‘Saturday night’.  Each instrumental group shared their party piece.  The flutes played a beautiful fanfare in three parts, the violins played their square dance, the trumpets played their blues while the clarinets played their version of ‘Oh when the Saints’.  Each group listened really carefully to each other and played brilliantly!  Thank you so much to all our parents for your support this year, listening to your children playing at home and helping them to bring their instrument in each week.  We really appreciate all your support.

We can’t wait to play at the St. Mary’s football Stadium on the 5th July!  Don’t forget to come and buy your tickets to see us again!