Inspire Learning Partnership

Summer Term

New to Year R - Thursday 19th July


Welcome to all our new Glo-worms and Hedgehogs!  We had two lovely music sessions together with some of the children who will be joining us in September with their parents.  We did lots of playing of instruments, tried out playing and stopping and even used bean bags on our heads to move around the room.  It was lots of fun!  Thank you to all the parents and carers who joined us for the session. We are looking forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Ukulele celebration event – 11th July 2018


The perfect end to a musical day;  25 families singing and playing ukuleles together after school in the hall.  In February I started our weekly Ukulele Jam sessions and a group of children have met together every week to learn new chords and sing a wide range of different songs.  They have picked up new chords and pattern shapes much quicker than me and been so much fun to work with each week.  As the summer term progressed a group of boys were desperate to write their own songs and so emerged weekly sessions where pockets of children were found composing and singing with ukuleles around the music room and Y3 classrooms!  It has been magical to watch happen. 

Our final session this year started with a performance of a handful of our favourite songs and then the teaching began.  Each child taught their parents and siblings how to play C major, F major, A minor and some even managed G7 too!  We sang through a few songs together, amazed ourselves with partner songs of Oh When the Saints (parents) and Swing Low (children) before finishing with our ukulele renditions of Rewrite The Stars and This is Me.

Thank you to our lovely families for sharing the time with their children, we had so much fun. 

Summer Concert – Wednesday 11th July


What a fantastic morning full of musical sound!  It was amazing to hear all 110 instrumentalists perform this morning to a packed hall of parents and families, the progress the children have made this year has been incredible and we were blown away by the Y6 performances.  Our Y4 children performed as an orchestra reading from notation with different parts.  Each of our amazing instrumental teachers was astounded at what their groups were able to perform due to their hard work and determined attitude towards their learning throughout the year.  It was wonderful to hear our Y5 and Y6 instrumentalists performing and remember just how far they have come.  I am delighted that so many children are continuing with their instrumental learning next year and can’t wait to hear them playing again. 

Thank you to our wonderful instrumental teachers:  Mr Hanchett, Mrs Porter and Mrs Watkins.  They make our learning so much fun and we really appreciate all their hard work.  We wish Mrs Watkins all the best for her retirement and would like to thank her again for her 15 years woodwind teaching with us at Kanes Hill.

Thank you to all our parents and carers for their continued support with helping children to remember their instrument each week and supporting them to play at home, it makes all the difference. 

The Litter Muncher – Tuesday 10th July 


Little Voices were amazing this evening and wowed their families with their performance of ‘The Litter Muncher’.  They sang so confidently and clearly with huge smiles.  It was great to see all the children involved with helping to act out the story and up on the stage.  Callum (our Litter Muncher) did an amazing job with his improvisations too!

Thank you so much to all the families who supported us this evening, it was really wonderful to see the hall so full.  Thank you to all our fantastic Little Voices singers too – they have worked so hard this year and made Tuesday evening’s lots of fun after school.  Look out for the letter in September to sign up again next year singers!

Y2 Musical Extravaganza – 4th July


Our amazing Y2 children shared their musical learning this year with their parents.  They chose to include some recorder pieces along with a wonderful set of songs from around the world.  We were so impressed with how they tackled each of the different languages and how children within school were teaching their friends and helping them to learn the songs.  It was great to finish with the song ‘Kye Kye Kule’ from the drumming unit.  Thank you to all our parents and families who were able to join us this afternoon, we really enjoyed it.

Spanish Fiesta! 3rd July


Y4 worked incredibly hard towards make their Fiesta such a success today.  They made games and challenges for their families along with a fantastic travel agents for the parents to visit.  One of the highlights was their performance of Try Everything with a Spanish twist: they sang all the chorus’ in Spanish.   They have worked together with Mrs Hugh over the past few weeks to ensure their pronunciation was spot on and they were amazing.  Thank you so much to so many of our families for joining us for the event, it was a great afternoon.  Well done Y4!!!

Y4 Spanish Try Everything

Big African Sing – 28th June


Our amazing Little Voices choir visited Central Hall on a very hot Thursday afternoon to join together with 700 other singers.  All the children had learnt some African songs before the event and tried really hard to sing words not in English.  On the afternoon we joined together to hear performances from choirs from a secondary school and sixth form college.  We also enjoyed singing together as a huge massed choir along with lots of drums!

Well done to our fantastic children for being so brilliant on such a hot day.



On Friday 24th May the school were treated to an AMAZING concert by Cordelecta, an electric string trio.    The children were amazed by their playing and captivated throughout the entire event.  Check out their website

Here are the thoughts from the children afterwards:


‘The concert was amazing, it was really loud and I love loud music.’ – George Y3

‘My favourite part of the concert was clapping along and singing.’ – Lennon Y3

‘Cordelectra were phenomenal, they were just incredible musicians!’ – Lacey Y3

‘Sensational, the concert gave me goosebumps.’ – Mrs Gibb

‘The songs were very nice.  The sound was beautiful.’ – Lexi Y1

‘I think that was amazing!  They had lots of different sounds.’ - Finlay Y1

‘It made me feel very cheerful and happy.’ – Emily Y1

‘I liked it because it was relaxing and modern.  I loved that they played different instruments and inspired me to play the viola.  It was an amazing experience to enjoy with the whole school.  I can’t explain it, it was stunning.’  Nicole Y6

‘Thank you for an amazing performance.  I liked the songs because of the epic beat.’ – Karol Y6

Y3 Ukulele


Our Y3 pupils have loved learning to play the Ukulele this half term.  The children have played pieces on open strings plucking and been strumming using the chords of C major, F major and A minor.  Have a listen to their version of London Bridge with two chords!  They finished their unit playing along with Can’t Stop the Feeling. 

London Bridge Y3

Y5 Ukulele


Our amazing Y5 pupils ended their ‘Rockin’ Ukulele’ unit with a performance of their Greek version of Don’t Stop Believing for their parents and families at their Greek Celebration Event.  During the music unit the children had learnt about the History of Rock from 1950 to 1980.  They learnt to play the Ukuleles throughout the decades.  A talented group of children re-wrote the lyrics to Don’t Stop Believing to include everything they had learnt about the Greeks.  Have a listen!!!!

Greek Song by Y5

Southampton Music Festival

Little Voices were amazing at the music festival this morning and we are so proud of them all.  They went to Thornden Hall to perform in front of lots of other choirs and take part in a massed sing of ‘Be The Change’.  The adjudicator was very complementary about Little Voices and commented on how clear the words were, how well the choir followed their conductor and their smiling faces.  We were all so pleased to be awarded our medals and celebrated with a picnic lunch together back at school.  Well done to all the Little Voices singers!!!