Inspire Learning Partnership

Spring Term

Sing Up Day 2017

Wednesday 22nd March was national Sing Up Day to celebrate singing.  Each class chose a song from Sing Up which they learnt and performed every hour in various locations around school.  It was great to hear singing from every corner of the school and enjoy the different performances.  The Y6 singing conga was great fun and there were lots of smiling faces!  Our day ended joining together to sing ‘Let love shine through’ which our children have loved singing and had such a powerful message.  Little Voices performed to the whole school their version of the Giggle song, Donkey’s and Carrots as a round and ended dancing their way through the ‘Tiger Tango’.  They sounded fantastic and have worked really hard this term together.  Finally our Young Voices choir shared a lively warm up ‘Just sing’ and accompanied their version of Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ with the cup song and some beautiful harmonies.

Thank you to all the parents and families who came in to see our Sing Up Celebration event and to all our children for smiling and singing so superbly together.  I can’t wait until next year!

The Jazz Ticket – Y2

Y2 took part in the Jazz Ticket at Central Hall on Thursday 16th March.  They found out all about the six Giants of Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald, Tadd Dameron, Buddy Rich, Thelonius Monk, Dizzy Gillespie and Mongo Santamaria, through some performances by KS3 students and Tomorrow’s Warriors.   It was a wonderful afternoon and ended with a massed performance of the song ‘Giants of Jazz’.   Check out the fantastic writing in Y2 they produced after the concert; amazing!

The Beatles

During the Spring Term Y5 and Y6 have been finding out all about The Beatles.  It has been a really exciting unit where we looked at how they structured their songs and how the style of their music changed throughout the 1960s.  Alongside this all the children learnt to play the Ukulele and tackled some of the Beatles songs; Twist and Shout, Yellow Submarine and Let it Be.  We then looked at how other bands have created their own versions of famous Beatles Songs.   The children have loved the unit but in particular when they formed their own bands.  They took one of the songs (lots of us loved Yellow Submarine!) and created their own arrangements which sounded superb!  Have a listen to these.

Air Walkers Yellow Submarine

Y6 Beatles Yellow Submarine

Y3 Roman Rhythms

Well done to all the children in Y3 this half term!  They have worked incredibly hard to read musical rhythm patterns and can read and play accurately from musical notation.  The children have used what they have learnt about the Romans to compose pieces of Roman marching music.  We were so impressed that they were able to write their rhythms correctly and play three at the same time with instruments!  We look forward to adding in the marching as well as playing and sharing them with you. 


In2music Concert 

Thank you so much to all the families who came to our concert this morning to celebrate our fantastic playing.  It was great to see the enthusiasm and excitement from Y4 about their pieces and how they rose to the occasion.  Following our concert where we saw Southern Pro Musica the children enjoyed taking a bow and ensuring that the looked and acted like a true musician.  Huge thanks to our fantastic peripatetic teachers too who have encouraged and nurtured our children to make the excellent progress they have on their instruments.  It was great to see on the feedback how much the families enjoyed it.  We can’t wait to share our learning with you again soon!

Can you hear my voice?


Our fantastic Young Voices choir made their own recording of Can you hear my voice.  Have a listen here!  

KH Y56 Choir Can you hear my voice


Year R: A Bear Hunt

Children in YR have been on a musical ‘bear hunt’ this half term.  They enjoyed using their voices and instruments to find all the sounds in the story and today conductors took us on a bear walk.  It was wonderful to see how confident the children were with the instruments and how much they enjoyed conducting their friends to play and stop.



British Art Show 8 Celebration Event @ City Art Gallery

Thank you so much to the Y5 families who made it through the torrential rain (and incoming snow!) on Thursday 12th Jan to perform at City Art Gallery.  We had the opportunity to explore some of the artwork in the show and took part in a sound workshop with Pedro.  He asked us to capture the words that the art made us think of whilst we were ‘in’ the art.  Using Launchpad on an iPad he recorded us saying some of our words.  Using these we were then able to improvise a piece of music as a group about our responses to the artwork.

In the lecture hall we watched students from Redbridge share their compositions based on a Lynette Yiadom-Boakye which were very reflective about who the lady in the painting was and how she felt.  Then it was our turn, JessicaBethCharlie, Kaitlyn and Daisy took to the stage!  They spoke very clearly about the workshop they had taken part in with Mr Brombley all about the Cally Spooner piece.  They explained how they had used the techniques ‘cut up’ and ‘block out’ to compose their own song based on responses left by fans to a Beyonce song on Youtube.  The group added body percussion and then performed their song.  Mrs Walder and I were very impressed with how they composed themselves ready for performance and how confidently they performed.  They will be presented with their certificates in our school celebration assembly this week.

It was a fantastic evening and a great way to use our composing skills in such a different and unique way.  Thank you again to all the parents who made it possible for their children to take part – they were fantastic!

 Year 5 Class Song


You sing very brightly x4


You ask me ‘Is that real footage?’

I say ‘Of course!’

Haters will ditch her now

For a while her videos were so bright.


You sing very brightly x4


I love you, I love you.

More than Beyonce

Her halo is very cute

But her forehead is so shiny


You sing very brightly x4


I will forever love this song

The video is the opposite of the song

She’s happy now,  she should make another album


You sing very brightly x4


RIP my song I like this

Never forget you

Will forever love this song

Will forever love this song

Will forever love this song.