Inspire Learning Partnership

Spring Term

Y4  3rd April 2019   

During In2music this week we performed as an ensemble which was lots of fun.  We were amazed when the violins performed their piece as it was composed and led by two children.  Well done – it was brilliant!

Ukulele Jam – Spring 2019

Our new Ukulele Jam started this half term.  It has been great to see so many children returning who belonged last year as well as welcome our new members.  The children are already singing and playing along with Imagine Dragons and Taylor Swift whilst working on new chords for our new songs.  Watch this space to hear our versions of I’d like to teach the world to sing, Sweet child of mine and the ‘Lava Song’.

April 2019

Thank you so much to all our talented violinists in Y5 & Y6 – we have loved having you play for us as we arrive in assembly.  We were so impressed by your confidence and how much progress you have made on your instruments.

Little Voices session with parents - April 2019

This week our Little Voices choir invited their families in to share their session together.  We shared all the different playground game songs we have been learning and lots of children took the opportunity to lead different songs with solos.  You were fantastic!  Finally we taught our parents a clapping song.  There were lots of smiles and lots of singing together.  Thank you to all the families who were able to join us, we really enjoyed ourselves. 

Music Technology at Woodlands School

14 Y5 pupils have been very fortunate to attend a weekly music technology club after school this half term at Woodlands School.  Mr Bellman has worked with our children to enable them to compose their own ringtone for their phone using Sibelius software.  The children have absolutely loved the sessions and can’t wait to ring each other – only so they can hear their own personalised ring tones!

Thank you so much to Mr Bellman for the opportunity. 

Y3 Marching like the romans!

Y3 have been finding out music during the roman times as part of their topic this term.  They learnt a lot of facts from their song ‘Just like a roman’ and used their enquiry skills as historians to find out about the different instrument families the romans had.  They were surprised to find that most sections of the BSO would have been filled with some instruments. 

Using the knowledge about romans, the children composed rhythmic ostinatos which they wrote using words and musical notation.  We were very impressed with how quickly they were confidently using the correct notation.  The challenge came when they composed a piece of marching music using layered ostinatos.  Y3 – you were amazing!

March 2019 - Y6 iPad Project with Mr Brombley          

Y6 have been enjoying weekly music technology sessions with Mr Brombley this half term.  We have been using garageband to compose our own music.  Look out for our finished projects!

Sound Pop Academy at Kanes Hill!    March 2019

We were delighted to welcome the Sound Pop Academy to Kanes Hill to teach us some new songs and dance moves.  KS2 enjoyed a workshop filled with singing and smiling faces!

Thank you so much for visiting, we hope you can come back again.

If your child is interested in joining a Sound Pop Academy choir then please visit for more information.

Spring 2019


Y5 & Y6 have had a fantastic time learning to play the ukuleles this term whilst finding out more about The Beatles.  We explored how their style changed throughout the 1960s and how this was reflected in their music.  On our ukuleles we learnt the chords C major, F major and G7 which we used to play Twist and Shout, Yellow Submarine and Let it be.  Then we made our own ‘Fab Four’ bands and created our own versions.  It was so much fun!

Y2 Dinosaur scores

Y2 have been exploring dinosaurs and in music considering how the dinosaurs sound might have been described in terms of dynamics, tempo and duration.  By the end of our sessions the children composed a soundtrack for their computing project where they performed and scored the dinosaurs movements throughout.  They worked brilliantly together!

February 2019 – Year 4 In2music concert


Wow!  Our Y4 pupils were amazing in their concert, they performed so confidently and with huge smiles.  It was wonderful to hear the progress you have all made in such a short amount of time and to share it with your families.

We can’t wait to hear how you sound in the summer.

Y4 Children’s Concert – January 2019

Y4 enjoyed a fantastic concert performed by Southern Pro Musica at Central Hall today.  It was a fantastic opportunity to look at the instrument they are learning and its’ position in the orchestra.  They were amazed (but not surprised!) to spot only two trumpets among lots and lots of string instruments.  During the concert they were able to hear from each instrument family and they loved the magic tricks too!  Y4 are looking forward to performing for their parents next week and replicating the way they saw the musicians perform today. 

BSO  Concert at Portsmouth Guildhall


Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon hearing the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra play their 1-2-5 celebration concert, celebrating 125 years as an orchestra.   They heard the orchestra perform playing pieces focusing on celebratory themes and influential composers.  Y3 loved singing the specially commissioned piece ‘Musical Fireworks’ along with the orchestra and performing their body percussion parts as well.