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Wednesday 4th December - In2music session with families

Thank you so much to all the families who came in to share In2music with their children this morning.  It was wonderful to see so many of you with us and we are so pleased you all enjoyed the session.

It was fantastic to read words such as 'excellent, brilliant, very good, good fun, beautiful' on the feedback sheets and these comments afterwards:

'A fantastic music lesson, I really enjoyed it.'

'Excellent teacher.  My child has the right person to succeed.'

'Really nice music presentation.'

'Excellent, great teacher, you can see the enthusiasm on the children's faces and in their performance.'


  The children are so excited to take their instruments home today.  Happy playing everyone!

Beatboxing workshop with Ricky Tart - 12th November 2019


The amazing Ricky Tart worked with Y6 this morning and taught us all about how to beatbox.  There are some incredible beatboxers in Y6 who found the 'plosive' sounds immediately in their voices.  Children were singing base lines whilst using their voice to make snare or kick drum sounds at the same time.  Ricky then showed us how to use the app, Launchpad to compose.  Over the next few weeks we will start writing our 'Sometimes' raps and add Launchpad.  We will record our beatboxing onto Garageband and begin creating our own samples for loops.  Watch this space!!!


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Orchestra - 16th October 2019


This morning all the children who are still learning their instruments in Year Five and Year Six (all 66!) met together to enjoy some time playing together.  Once we were set up Mr Hanchett led us through our warm up piece.  It was hard work following a conductor and reading the music and the children were really resilient, keeping going even when things were tough.  Having followed their music to play the warm up we set about learning a waltz.  Next week we will get together again to polish our pieces and learn some more.  On our first session the sound together was really fantastic - keep playing at home too! 

Live Big Band!!


This afternoon, Tuesday 15th October, the hall was buzzing with excited voices and lots of noise.  Mrs Lloyd and some musicians from her Big Band came into school to play for us.  Year Six have been finding out all about Glenn Miller and his music during World War 2 and so the Big Band gave us a quick tour through the history of Jazz to Glenn Miller in the 1930s and 1940s.  Year Six loved singing along with Little Brown Jug and watched the different mutes being used on the brass instruments.  It was a fantastic afternoon and brought alive for Year Six how the music really did make people feel cheerful and bring them together.  Thank you so much to the talented group of musicians who came and played to us - we thought you were simply amazing.   

James Redwood Mayflower 400 composer workshop


A group of Y3 children were lucky enough to work with composer, James Redwood on Monday 16th September.  As part of the city event Mayflower 400 James (the composer for Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra) is writing a new piece of music which will follow the same journey as the boat.  Our children composed lots of musical phrases for James to take and use in his final piece.  We were really proud of how hard they worked during the session and the fantastic ideas they had!  Thank you to Y3 and James – we can’t wait to hear the finished piece. 

Young Voices 


Our Young Voices choir have started rehearsals ready for the O2 in February 2020!  We are so excited and love all the songs chosen – especially the Frightfest!

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Little Voices has started!


Little Voices are having lots of fun!  We meet on a Tuesday after school – come and join us if you love singing and playing singing games.

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Wednesday 18th September - Y2 Soundwalk


Y2 have been set a challenge by composer Kerry Andrew to try and describe what Thornhill really sounds like.  We have been listening hard and loved our Sound Walk around Thornhill – we were really surprised by some of the sounds we heard! 

September 2019


Y5 are exploring the Islands of the Caribbean and are loving playing the Bamboo Tamboo.  They are great at layering polyrhythms and gaining in confidence every week when improvising.  I can’t wait to hear their finished group pieces.

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Instrument try outs are going really well for Y4 – lots of smiley faces. 

Y4 In2music


On Wednesday 11th September Y4 and their families found out all about our fantastic In2music project for this year.  Mrs Porter, Mr Hanchett and Mr Lloyd shared their instruments with the children and showed them how fantastic they can sound.  Over the rest of this half term the children will enjoy trying out the instruments before they make their final choice – we can’t wait!

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Song writing


Thank you so much to Kailib and Libby who co-wrote the Pirate rap for our performance of ‘The Pirates of the Curry Bean’.  The final rap sounded brilliant and we were all impressed with how you cleverly linked in  so many aspects of Captain Redbeard throughout your rap.  Thank you for your amazing song. 

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The Bee Musical – 9.7.19


Our Little Voices choir were amazing tonight.  They took to the stage to tell a packed audience all about the story of a group of bees who ran out of nectar to collect.  We were so impressed with their confident performance and incredible singing.  Well done to you all! 

Y3 Birdsong @ Tile Barn – 5.7.19


As well as camping at Tile Barn, Y3 spent their first moments awake listening carefully for the birds!  Having looked at animal music and then bird song in particular they were tasked with trying to draw some bird loops and decide on what words the bird was singing!  This week we will be using what they heard to compose some motifs for birds in class. 

Ukulele Jam session with parents – 3.7.19


We had so much fun after school tonight.  Our Ukulele Jam performed a few songs to their parents (including ‘Old Town Road’) before teaching their families a few simple chords.  It was wonderful to see the confidence the children had when teaching their parents and to watch them realise how far they have come since February.  We then had a jamming session, singing and playing.  Thank you to all the families who came along and lit up our evening!

Instrumental Concert – 3.7.19


Our instrumental concert this morning was just brilliant.  Y4 wowed us with their progress so far – it is incredible to believe they have only been playing since October – while we were blown away by the Y5 & Y6 pieces.  We know that the children have worked incredibly hard throughout the year and would like to thank their inspiration teachers, Mr Hanchett, Mrs Porter and Mr Lloyd for all their hard work as well as all our parents for supporting their playing at home.  It really does make all the difference. 

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Y4 BSO 125 Event @ Southampton Guildhall – 2.7.19


Our Y4 instrumentalists were amazing this afternoon.  They performed the 125 Symphony along with six other schools conducted by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.  It was fantastic to see how well they watched as they performed from memory.  We are so proud of you all Y4

iPad performance at Southampton Education Conference – 26th June 2019


Well done to our amazing Y6 iPad orchestra today who performed at the Southampton Education Conference.  I was so impressed how you used the iPad sounds to follow to conductor so well and loved your improvisations.  It has been great to see the project unfold with Mr Brombley and to use the iPads in such a different way.  The members of the conference were equally impressed and I received this email following the event.  Congratulations on achieving your Arts Awards as well!


I wanted to pass on my thanks to you for allowing your pupils to contribute to the Education Conference.  The children were a great credit to your school and provided an impressive display of what they had achieved in their music lessons.  Their behaviour was excellent and they were able to talk about what they had learnt in a very positive way.  I think that for most of the adults present they were the highlight of the conference.  

Thanks again,



Derek Wiles

Service Lead - Education 

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Little Voices at St. Christopher's Church Fete - Saturday 15th June


Little Voices were wonderful performing as bees at the church fete.  The packed church loved hearing you all sing so well and seeing you smile!  I'm looking forward to sharing the whole play with your families in July.  

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Our Ukulele Jam working on their own skills during the weekly warm up session.  

Y6 Music Technology project – May 2019


A massive thank you to Mr Brombley for our fantastic Y6 ipad project.  The children have loved using the ipads to play as a part of an ipad orchestra.  They added motifs they had composed on tuned percussion instruments.  Have a listen to our final pieces.



Y5 Bamboo Tamboo – May 2019


As part of their work exploring North and South America, Y5 have been using the Bamboo Tamboo to compose and perform layered rhythmic compositions.  The children were really interested in the history of the Bamboo Tamboo and it was great to use the ukuleles too when performing ‘I can see clearly’.  Well done Y5.

Y2 Fanfares – May 2019


Y2 have been composing fanfares to welcome important visitors into their castles.  Using tuned percussion and 3 line staves, they improvised and composed their own short fanfare.  We are hoping our Y5 brass children can help us by performing them on the right instruments!

Y4  3rd April 2019   

During In2music this week we performed as an ensemble which was lots of fun.  We were amazed when the violins performed their piece as it was composed and led by two children.  Well done – it was brilliant!

Ukulele Jam – Spring 2019

Our new Ukulele Jam started this half term.  It has been great to see so many children returning who belonged last year as well as welcome our new members.  The children are already singing and playing along with Imagine Dragons and Taylor Swift whilst working on new chords for our new songs.  Watch this space to hear our versions of I’d like to teach the world to sing, Sweet child of mine and the ‘Lava Song’.

April 2019

Thank you so much to all our talented violinists in Y5 & Y6 – we have loved having you play for us as we arrive in assembly.  We were so impressed by your confidence and how much progress you have made on your instruments.

Little Voices session with parents - April 2019

This week our Little Voices choir invited their families in to share their session together.  We shared all the different playground game songs we have been learning and lots of children took the opportunity to lead different songs with solos.  You were fantastic!  Finally we taught our parents a clapping song.  There were lots of smiles and lots of singing together.  Thank you to all the families who were able to join us, we really enjoyed ourselves. 

Music Technology at Woodlands School

14 Y5 pupils have been very fortunate to attend a weekly music technology club after school this half term at Woodlands School.  Mr Bellman has worked with our children to enable them to compose their own ringtone for their phone using Sibelius software.  The children have absolutely loved the sessions and can’t wait to ring each other – only so they can hear their own personalised ring tones!

Thank you so much to Mr Bellman for the opportunity. 

Y3 Marching like the romans!

Y3 have been finding out music during the roman times as part of their topic this term.  They learnt a lot of facts from their song ‘Just like a roman’ and used their enquiry skills as historians to find out about the different instrument families the romans had.  They were surprised to find that most sections of the BSO would have been filled with some instruments. 

Using the knowledge about romans, the children composed rhythmic ostinatos which they wrote using words and musical notation.  We were very impressed with how quickly they were confidently using the correct notation.  The challenge came when they composed a piece of marching music using layered ostinatos.  Y3 – you were amazing!

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March 2019 - Y6 iPad Project with Mr Brombley          

Y6 have been enjoying weekly music technology sessions with Mr Brombley this half term.  We have been using garageband to compose our own music.  Look out for our finished projects!

Sound Pop Academy at Kanes Hill!    March 2019

We were delighted to welcome the Sound Pop Academy to Kanes Hill to teach us some new songs and dance moves.  KS2 enjoyed a workshop filled with singing and smiling faces!

Thank you so much for visiting, we hope you can come back again.

If your child is interested in joining a Sound Pop Academy choir then please visit for more information.


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Spring 2019


Y5 & Y6 have had a fantastic time learning to play the ukuleles this term whilst finding out more about The Beatles.  We explored how their style changed throughout the 1960s and how this was reflected in their music.  On our ukuleles we learnt the chords C major, F major and G7 which we used to play Twist and Shout, Yellow Submarine and Let it be.  Then we made our own ‘Fab Four’ bands and created our own versions.  It was so much fun!

Y2 Dinosaur scores

Y2 have been exploring dinosaurs and in music considering how the dinosaurs sound might have been described in terms of dynamics, tempo and duration.  By the end of our sessions the children composed a soundtrack for their computing project where they performed and scored the dinosaurs movements throughout.  They worked brilliantly together!

February 2019 – Year 4 In2music concert


Wow!  Our Y4 pupils were amazing in their concert, they performed so confidently and with huge smiles.  It was wonderful to hear the progress you have all made in such a short amount of time and to share it with your families.

We can’t wait to hear how you sound in the summer.


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Y4 Children’s Concert – January 2019

Y4 enjoyed a fantastic concert performed by Southern Pro Musica at Central Hall today.  It was a fantastic opportunity to look at the instrument they are learning and its’ position in the orchestra.  They were amazed (but not surprised!) to spot only two trumpets among lots and lots of string instruments.  During the concert they were able to hear from each instrument family and they loved the magic tricks too!  Y4 are looking forward to performing for their parents next week and replicating the way they saw the musicians perform today. 

January 2019


BSO  Concert at Portsmouth Guildhall


Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon hearing the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra play their 1-2-5 celebration concert, celebrating 125 years as an orchestra.   They heard the orchestra perform playing pieces focusing on celebratory themes and influential composers.  Y3 loved singing the specially commissioned piece ‘Musical Fireworks’ along with the orchestra and performing their body percussion parts as well.

December 2018 update


We have been really busy throughout December!


EY children were the first to perform on the stage to retell ‘The Christmas Story’ in their own way.  They used their own sound recordings for donkeys, angels and stars and took to the stage to sing and dance as they created their own special tableau.  Well done to all the children – you sang so well and were really confident throughout both performances.  Many thanks to all our wonderful parents and carers for providing costumes and supporting us. 


A small group from our Young Voices choir were invited to carol sing during a Christmas lunch at Carnival House.  The children represented the school superbly and sang incredibly.  Staff enjoying their lunch commented on how amazingly the children sang and have invited us back again next year!  It was a wonderful opportunity which the children really enjoyed.


Little Voices performed a concert of all their favourite songs from the term.  It was lovely to see all their smiling faces and hear how confidently they sang together.  They have really gelled as a choir and are listening really carefully to each other.  The children loved the crackers maracas song and enjoyed dancing along for their families with instruments!  I can’t wait to hear what they can do next term.  Thank you so much to all our parents who joined us, it was lovely to see so many of you there!


Our Y4 families joined us for our final In2music lesson of the term.  The children are really beginning to shine on their instruments and it was amazing to hear how much they had achieved in such a short space of time.  We are really proud of how resilient they have been and how well they have listened.  Thank you so much to the parents and carers who were able to share the session with their children – it was great to be able to share our learning with you all.


Young Voices gave a Christmas concert with a sing along for their families at the end! Thank you to all our lovely families for joining in with such enthusiasm.  The choir impressed us all with their use of dynamics and part singing.  The solos were wonderful and it was great to see the children singing with such confidence.


Year 1 and Year 2 gave a fantastic performance of ‘A Christmas Recipe’.  It was wonderful to see the children performing and dancing on stage with such confidence and enthusiasm.  The singing was incredible – we were so proud of how well the children sang and signed with Makaton.  We hope you all enjoyed is as much as the children did preparing it!


On Monday 17th December, we gathered with the local community on Hinkler Green to sing Christmas carols together.   It was a lovely evening where local families joined together to sing and share a mince pie together afterwards.  We particularly enjoyed ‘Rudolph’ and the ’12 Hours of Christmas’!  Thank you so much to the Friends of Hinkler Green for arranging the event. 


Y3 and Y4 created their own Christingle Services which they shared with their families at St. Christopher’s Church.  It was great to see so many extended families sat together with their lit Christingles singing.   The children have spent time in class thinking about the true meaning of Christmas and we loved seeing them sharing these with their families after the service.   Thank you to all the parents who shared the walk to church with us. 


Our Y5 & Y6 instrumentalists finished the term by performing for KS1 during their Christmas lunch.  It was great to see how much progress they have made this term and how much they enjoyed playing together.  KS1 children loved being entertained and were entranced by the performances.  Thank you to our instrumentalists for sharing your playing with them – you were amazing! 

October 2018: What a lot of noise!!


This year has started with a lot of noise and exploring sound.  Y3 have been finding out about synethesia through the book ‘Here Comes Frankie’ and painting sounds, looking at notation and are about to start composing their own music to Kandinsky’s pictures.  Y1 have been exploring dynamics with the Gruffalo and mouse.  Y2 and Y6 have been African drumming while Y5 have been deep in space looking at how Holst described the characteristics of each of the planets.  The children are just beginning their own planet compositions to complement their research.

Y4 have started their amazing In2music journey with a concert with their parents by the fantastic peripatetic team of teachers and are spending two weeks exploring each instrument before they make their choice for learning this year. 

Little Voices and Young Voices have started singing together after school weekly and sound superb.  They are making such a lovely end to our days in school.

BBC World Music Day – YolanDa Brown Concert  30.09.18


Our Y6 instrumentalists were extremely lucky today to attend YolanDa Brown's concert at Portsmouth Guildhall. YolanDa was amazing, playing on both Alto Saxophone and Tenor Saxophone. She performed some of her own compositions along with her version of ‘Hello’ by Adele, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran and ‘Is This Love’ by Bob Marley. We loved singing and dancing along especially with ‘Hey Jude’. Her band had a Caribbean reggae feel and were amazing.


Following the concert all 2500 children went outside onto the steps to perform One World to celebrate BBC World Music day. It was amazing to perform alongside YolanDa and sing in such a massed choir.

New to Year R - Thursday 19th July


Welcome to all our new Glo-worms and Hedgehogs!  We had two lovely music sessions together with some of the children who will be joining us in September with their parents.  We did lots of playing of instruments, tried out playing and stopping and even used bean bags on our heads to move around the room.  It was lots of fun!  Thank you to all the parents and carers who joined us for the session. We are looking forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Ukulele celebration event – 11th July 2018


The perfect end to a musical day;  25 families singing and playing ukuleles together after school in the hall.  In February I started our weekly Ukulele Jam sessions and a group of children have met together every week to learn new chords and sing a wide range of different songs.  They have picked up new chords and pattern shapes much quicker than me and been so much fun to work with each week.  As the summer term progressed a group of boys were desperate to write their own songs and so emerged weekly sessions where pockets of children were found composing and singing with ukuleles around the music room and Y3 classrooms!  It has been magical to watch happen. 

Our final session this year started with a performance of a handful of our favourite songs and then the teaching began.  Each child taught their parents and siblings how to play C major, F major, A minor and some even managed G7 too!  We sang through a few songs together, amazed ourselves with partner songs of Oh When the Saints (parents) and Swing Low (children) before finishing with our ukulele renditions of Rewrite The Stars and This is Me.

Thank you to our lovely families for sharing the time with their children, we had so much fun. 

Summer Concert – Wednesday 11th July


What a fantastic morning full of musical sound!  It was amazing to hear all 110 instrumentalists perform this morning to a packed hall of parents and families, the progress the children have made this year has been incredible and we were blown away by the Y6 performances.  Our Y4 children performed as an orchestra reading from notation with different parts.  Each of our amazing instrumental teachers was astounded at what their groups were able to perform due to their hard work and determined attitude towards their learning throughout the year.  It was wonderful to hear our Y5 and Y6 instrumentalists performing and remember just how far they have come.  I am delighted that so many children are continuing with their instrumental learning next year and can’t wait to hear them playing again. 

Thank you to our wonderful instrumental teachers:  Mr Hanchett, Mrs Porter and Mrs Watkins.  They make our learning so much fun and we really appreciate all their hard work.  We wish Mrs Watkins all the best for her retirement and would like to thank her again for her 15 years woodwind teaching with us at Kanes Hill.

Thank you to all our parents and carers for their continued support with helping children to remember their instrument each week and supporting them to play at home, it makes all the difference. 

The Litter Muncher – Tuesday 10th July 


Little Voices were amazing this evening and wowed their families with their performance of ‘The Litter Muncher’.  They sang so confidently and clearly with huge smiles.  It was great to see all the children involved with helping to act out the story and up on the stage.  Callum (our Litter Muncher) did an amazing job with his improvisations too!

Thank you so much to all the families who supported us this evening, it was really wonderful to see the hall so full.  Thank you to all our fantastic Little Voices singers too – they have worked so hard this year and made Tuesday evening’s lots of fun after school.  Look out for the letter in September to sign up again next year singers!

Y2 Musical Extravaganza – 4th July


Our amazing Y2 children shared their musical learning this year with their parents.  They chose to include some recorder pieces along with a wonderful set of songs from around the world.  We were so impressed with how they tackled each of the different languages and how children within school were teaching their friends and helping them to learn the songs.  It was great to finish with the song ‘Kye Kye Kule’ from the drumming unit.  Thank you to all our parents and families who were able to join us this afternoon, we really enjoyed it.

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Spanish Fiesta! 3rd July


Y4 worked incredibly hard towards make their Fiesta such a success today.  They made games and challenges for their families along with a fantastic travel agents for the parents to visit.  One of the highlights was their performance of Try Everything with a Spanish twist: they sang all the chorus’ in Spanish.   They have worked together with Mrs Hugh over the past few weeks to ensure their pronunciation was spot on and they were amazing.  Thank you so much to so many of our families for joining us for the event, it was a great afternoon.  Well done Y4!!!

Y4 Spanish Try Everything.mp3

Big African Sing – 28th June


Our amazing Little Voices choir visited Central Hall on a very hot Thursday afternoon to join together with 700 other singers.  All the children had learnt some African songs before the event and tried really hard to sing words not in English.  On the afternoon we joined together to hear performances from choirs from a secondary school and sixth form college.  We also enjoyed singing together as a huge massed choir along with lots of drums!

Well done to our fantastic children for being so brilliant on such a hot day.



On Friday 24th May the school were treated to an AMAZING concert by Cordelecta, an electric string trio.    The children were amazed by their playing and captivated throughout the entire event.  Check out their website

Here are the thoughts from the children afterwards:


‘The concert was amazing, it was really loud and I love loud music.’ – George Y3

‘My favourite part of the concert was clapping along and singing.’ – Lennon Y3

‘Cordelectra were phenomenal, they were just incredible musicians!’ – Lacey Y3

‘Sensational, the concert gave me goosebumps.’ – Mrs Gibb

‘The songs were very nice.  The sound was beautiful.’ – Lexi Y1

‘I think that was amazing!  They had lots of different sounds.’ - Finlay Y1

‘It made me feel very cheerful and happy.’ – Emily Y1

‘I liked it because it was relaxing and modern.  I loved that they played different instruments and inspired me to play the viola.  It was an amazing experience to enjoy with the whole school.  I can’t explain it, it was stunning.’  Nicole Y6

‘Thank you for an amazing performance.  I liked the songs because of the epic beat.’ – Karol Y6

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Y3 Ukulele


Our Y3 pupils have loved learning to play the Ukulele this half term.  The children have played pieces on open strings plucking and been strumming using the chords of C major, F major and A minor.  Have a listen to their version of London Bridge with two chords!  They finished their unit playing along with Can’t Stop the Feeling. 

london bridge Y3.WAV

Y5 Ukulele


Our amazing Y5 pupils ended their ‘Rockin’ Ukulele’ unit with a performance of their Greek version of Don’t Stop Believing for their parents and families at their Greek Celebration Event.  During the music unit the children had learnt about the History of Rock from 1950 to 1980.  They learnt to play the Ukuleles throughout the decades.  A talented group of children re-wrote the lyrics to Don’t Stop Believing to include everything they had learnt about the Greeks.  Have a listen!!!!

Greek Song by Y5.mp3

Southampton Music Festival

Little Voices were amazing at the music festival this morning and we are so proud of them all.  They went to Thornden Hall to perform in front of lots of other choirs and take part in a massed sing of ‘Be The Change’.  The adjudicator was very complementary about Little Voices and commented on how clear the words were, how well the choir followed their conductor and their smiling faces.  We were all so pleased to be awarded our medals and celebrated with a picnic lunch together back at school.  Well done to all the Little Voices singers!!! 

Sing Up Day – March 2018


What a fabulous day of singing around the school.  Our day started with Early Years and Year One getting together for a Big Sing with children from Hightown.  Our hall was full of smiling faces and singing about keeping safe.  We performed to our parents and families and couldn’t believe how many were able to come and join us for the celebration.  Thank you so much to our families it was wonderful to see over 120 of you there!!!

Throughout the day the singing continued around the school.  Every class sang every hour in different ways – learning times tables, writing dinosaur songs, songs about Greeks and Romans as well as keeping active with the Sport Relief Song!  It was lovely to hear.

In the afternoon Y3 members from Little Voices went out to sing in the community at Hawthorns Care Home.  The residents really enjoyed the children singing and we managed to get them to sing along with us for a few songs. 

Thank you to all the fantastic children for singing so well across the school throughout the day and all our wonderful teachers for helping to make such a successful singing day.    

Uke Jam


Our fantastic Ukulele Jam who have started this half term and meet together once a week after school. 

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Y5 & Y6 Rockin' Ukuleles


Upper School have been learning about the history of Rock and playing rock pieces from each decade on the ukuleles. It's been great fun! Currently the children are working on their own arrangements of 'Don't Stop Believing'. Check out their own versions coming soon.

Picture 1
Picture 2


Secrets and Codes


Our Y3 children have been really busy this half term exploring how composers have hidden secrets and codes in their music. After trying out words hidden in melodies and Morse code to hide rhythms, Y3 set off on 8th February, to hear the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra perform at Portsmouth Guildhall. The BSO performed a range of pieces which all had secret messages hidden by their composers. Y3 had a wonderful afternoon and behaved superbly well. They enjoyed performing the percussion piece they had learnt before the concert and singing the specially written Secrets and Codes song along with the BSO. What a fantastic afternoon!

Instrumental concert


On the 7th February, 110 talented instrumentalists performed for their families. It was a wonderful moment in school to see and hear the number of our children who are learning instruments. Y4 shared their learning so far; what a journey they have been on! It is incredible to think that they have only been learning for 3 months as they performed so confidently as an ensemble and I was really proud of them all. When our 50 piece orchestra played together it was a really magical moment. They had performed superbly as small groups but together they were incredible. Each section holding their own part and watching Mr Hanchett incredibly well. Thank you to all our families who were able to make our concert and thank you to all our parents for encouraging their children to play their instruments at home each week (as well as remembering to bring them every Wednesday!)

Young Voices @ the O2 Arena, London!!!


What a night!!!  Thank you so much to all our amazing Young Voices singers who performed at the O2 Arena on Thursday 1st February.  Our very excited choir left school on Thursday morning with pillows and blankets ready for the long day ahead.  We settled in for the journey and there was a huge cheer on the coach when the O2 finally arrived on the horizon.  After a quick lunch we found our seats in the arena - wow!   During the afternoon we rehearsed with the Young Voices band and the other 7972 children who were part of our choir.  After tea the excitement levels rose as some of our parents and families arrived in the arena.  We were incredibly lucky to be sat in the lower level of the arena with a great view of the stage and even spotted some of our parents!  Then the house lights went down and the arena was lit up with torches from the choir.. it was a really magical moment.  During the evening we sang along with Grace Chatto from Clean Bandit, Alfie Sheard (an amazing 16 year old), The Magnets (with an incredible beatboxer), Natalie Williams  (a soul/jazz artist) and danced our hearts out with Urban Strides.  There was a lot of laughter among the children and we loved seeing them singing and smiling together with their friends.   All the children were an absolute credit to our families and we were incredibly proud of them all.  We hope that the parents who joined us at the arena enjoyed it as much as we did!!

Y1 in Space


Y1 have been on a journey to the moon this half term. After exploring different sounds instruments make, learning songs about space and adding steady beats Y1 composed their own sound journeys. Check out our graphic scores and sound files.



Picture 1

Y2 Recorder Super Stars


We are so proud of our Y2 children who have been learning to play the recorder this half term. They have been really resilient and persevered to make the different notes. Have a listen to our favourite pieces.

Y4 Children's Concert - January 2018


Y4 had a fantastic morning with Southern Pro Musica at their children's concert.



Carols on the Green


Thank you to ‘Friends of Hinkler Green’ who hosted a wonderful community carol sing along on Tuesday 19th December.  It was lovely to see so many of our children and their families attend the event and enjoy the carols together.  The 12 hours at Christmas was a fantastic song and everyone was smiling as they sang along.  It was great to see the ‘angels’ singing on the hill and the boys enjoy a game of football together.  Thank you very much to St. Christopher’s church for the mince pies and cakes we all enjoyed together afterwards. 

Little Voices Concert – Tuesday 28th November

Thank you to all our families who joined us on Tuesday, the hall was packed out!  Little Voices loved sharing their songs with you all and I was so proud of how well they sang.  They have worked really hard this term, listening carefully and matching their voice with everyone else around them.  We have played lots and lots of singing games and have all had great fun together.  Little Voices will re-start on Tuesday 9th January. 

Picture 1

In2music session with our parents


Y4 had a fantastic morning on Wednesday 15th November.  We were delighted that so many parents and carers joined us in our music lesson to see how much we have already learnt!  We enjoyed sharing our learning with our families and it was great to see so many children taking their instruments home to continue playing at home.  Thank you so much to our brilliant music teachers for our lessons so far and I look forward to hearing all about your playing at home!

Heartbeatz day

Wow! What a day! The Heartbeatz team of Doctors came to Kanes Hill on Wednesday 4th October. HeartBeatz UK is an innovative charity set up in 2017 with the aim of teaching cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to junior school children by using music. Before they arrived KS2 had been busy using the power of music by learning songs all about how to do CPR set to a tempo of 120 bpm which was the speed they worked at all day! Each class had a workshop with Doctor Morden and her colleagues where we got to try out CPR and look at a defibrillator in case we should ever need to use one in future. We all learnt loads and during the day became Heartbeatz Heroes. After school lots of families joined us for a workshop so that our parents and carers could also learn the life-saving skills of CPR. It was great to see so many people join us and hear the hall buzzing. Many thanks to the Heartbeatz team for joining us.

Y3 Song Book

Y3 have spent this half term helping to get the playground singing again! They have investigated lots of different song types and been enjoying music lessons on the playground with balls and skipping ropes! We’ve learnt lots of different clapping patterns and now written our own book of songs to share with everyone outside at playtime. Please ask your child to teach you their song and perhaps share one with them which you used to sing on the playground as a child!



Y4 In2music

We are so proud of our Y4 pupils. They have begun learning their instruments this half term and have been extremely focused and resilient. It has been wonderful to see so many smiles at the end of sessions and to hear how much the children are enjoying their lessons. We would like to invite parents in to join us for an In2music lesson on Wednesday 15th November at 10:25 and children will be able to take instruments home after this session. We look forward to sharing our learning with you!

Y5 Planets

This half term Y5 have been exploring how Holst created each of his pieces in the ‘Planets Suite’ to create the planet in our mind. As part of their topic they have been researching the planets and using ideas from Holst they have composed their own pieces to describe their chosen planet using Audacity on the computers. We have been really impressed with the final compositions – well done Y5!

Y6 Drumming with Noah

Y6 spent an amazing day with Noah to begin their topic on Africa. He showed them how to play the djembes and shared some African songs. Following this day Y6 have been using their new knowledge about African animals to compose their own djembe pieces. It has been great fun and they have listened carefully to each other to layer their polyrhythms.

String workshop – Monday 24th July

What a wonderful morning!  Our Y4 and Y5 string players spent a fantastic morning in a workshop with Mrs Porter and other string teachers from Southampton Music Services.  They worked on some new pieces which they performed to other children from our school.  It was lovely to see their smiling faces and see how well they performed in a full string ensemble along with violas, cellos and a double bass.  All the children who attended the workshop are invited to join the ‘Acorn Strings’ who rehearse on a Monday at Cantell School.  Please see Mrs Lloyd or Mrs Porter if you would like more information.

All the children in Y2, Y3 and Y4 enjoyed a fantastic performance from the string ensemble.  They loved the arrangement of ‘What shall we do with the drunken sailor’ and were captivated when the group performed ‘Pirates of the Carribean’.

A massive thank you to Southampton Music Services for offering our string players such a wonderful opportunity and such a fantastic morning. 

Welcome to our new Glo-worms and Hedgehogs!

We had lots of fun in the music room this morning (Friday 21st July) with our new children and their parents who are joining Glo-worms and Hedgehogs in September.  There was lots of wriggling and we played with shaky eggs, claves, bean bags and scarves!  Thank you so much to all the parents and children who joined us, we really enjoyed singing and playing with you and can’t wait to see you all in September. 

We’re all here from around the world!

On Thursday 13th July Year 2 from both Kanes Hill and Hightown joined together for a Big Summer Sing.  All the children had been learning different songs from around the world with their class teachers including songs from Latvia, Poland, South Africa, Bangladesh and the UK.  They have worked really hard with the different languages in the songs to make sure they could be clearly heard.  Pupils at Kanes Hill were very lucky to have Mrs Koslowska visit in school to work alongside the children to help teach the polish words correctly.  We really appreciated your support and help – thank you!  During the workshop the children worked with Mrs Furnell to put together some final performances of the songs before they performed to their parents and families at the end of the workshop.  Mrs Furnell was so impressed with the singing of the pupils at Kanes Hill and said that the children were ‘head and shoulders’ above over children she had worked with across the city.  This was fantastic to hear and we must thank Mr Burns, Miss Wilcox and Mr James for all their hard work in the weeks leading up to the Big Summer Sing, along with all the fantastic Year 2 pupils in Jellyfish and Wolf class!  

Vela Siku bone (South Africa).MP3

Stary Niedzwiedz (Poland).MP3

Aiz Kalnina (Latvia).MP3

Picture 1

Summer Concert – 6th July 2017

What a fantastic evening we had in the theatre at Woodlands School on Thursday evening.  I was so impressed with all our children who performed and so pleased so see the big smiles on their faces too. 

In case you weren’t there, here’s what you missed!

  • Our fantastic Y4 performing as an ensemble to celebrate the end of their In2music project.  We are so proud of how hard you have all worked this year and how fantastic you sound.  It was great to see you following a conductor and playing from staff notation so well.  Well done!
  • The fantastic Ukulele Jam who entertained us with their version of ‘Rock around the clock.’ We loved how confidently you played and managed to move and sing at the same time!
  • The wonderful Little Voices who sang so well together with such smiles.  We all loved your Pirates song and were amazed at your version of ‘What shall we do with the scurvy pirate’ in three parts.  Amazing!
  • Our incredible instrumentalists from Y5 and Year 6.  Not only did you play superbly your solos and duets on flutes, clarinets, violins and trumpets but we were absolutely blown away by your orchestra performances.  You listened so well and gave such a fantastic performance of the ‘Surprise Symphony’ along with a version of ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ which was simply incredible. 
  • Drum Club were superb.  It was fantastic to hear the layered rhythms with so many different sounds on your tubs.  The audience enjoyed playing along with you in the Samba Sections. 
  • Our Young Voices who sang beautifully together with such passion.
  • Finally, all our performers joined together to sing ‘One and a million’.  You all sang so well together and the harmony parts were stunning – people really believed what you were singing and were very moved. 

It was another fantastic evening and I would like to thank all the children for their hard work throughout the year in preparation for the concert.  In addition, I would like to thank all the staff at school who supported the concert to ensure it was so successful, the parents who supported us at the theatre and the staff from Woodlands who gave up their time to support with sound and light for us.


A massive Thank You!


Our Year 3 children (and staff!) have been amazing this half term learning to play the Ukulele.  They have loved using their four chords playing and singing along with Justin Timberlake to play ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ and they sound fab.   

Picture 1

Little Voices Singing at St. Christopher’s Church Fete         


On Saturday 24th June our Little Voices children entertained the crowds at St. Christopher’s Church fete.  The children looked fantastic dressed in their pirate costumes with accessories and sang brilliantly their songs all about Pirates and the seaside.  It was lovely to hear such wonderful comments from the audience following the singing and to receive the cards from St. Christopher’s Church after the event thanking our children.  I know they are looking forward to performing again at our summer concert. 

Picture 1

Sing Up Day 2017

Wednesday 22nd March was national Sing Up Day to celebrate singing.  Each class chose a song from Sing Up which they learnt and performed every hour in various locations around school.  It was great to hear singing from every corner of the school and enjoy the different performances.  The Y6 singing conga was great fun and there were lots of smiling faces!  Our day ended joining together to sing ‘Let love shine through’ which our children have loved singing and had such a powerful message.  Little Voices performed to the whole school their version of the Giggle song, Donkey’s and Carrots as a round and ended dancing their way through the ‘Tiger Tango’.  They sounded fantastic and have worked really hard this term together.  Finally our Young Voices choir shared a lively warm up ‘Just sing’ and accompanied their version of Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ with the cup song and some beautiful harmonies.

Thank you to all the parents and families who came in to see our Sing Up Celebration event and to all our children for smiling and singing so superbly together.  I can’t wait until next year!

The Jazz Ticket – Y2

Y2 took part in the Jazz Ticket at Central Hall on Thursday 16th March.  They found out all about the six Giants of Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald, Tadd Dameron, Buddy Rich, Thelonius Monk, Dizzy Gillespie and Mongo Santamaria, through some performances by KS3 students and Tomorrow’s Warriors.   It was a wonderful afternoon and ended with a massed performance of the song ‘Giants of Jazz’.   Check out the fantastic writing in Y2 they produced after the concert; amazing!

The Beatles

During the Spring Term Y5 and Y6 have been finding out all about The Beatles.  It has been a really exciting unit where we looked at how they structured their songs and how the style of their music changed throughout the 1960s.  Alongside this all the children learnt to play the Ukulele and tackled some of the Beatles songs; Twist and Shout, Yellow Submarine and Let it Be.  We then looked at how other bands have created their own versions of famous Beatles Songs.   The children have loved the unit but in particular when they formed their own bands.  They took one of the songs (lots of us loved Yellow Submarine!) and created their own arrangements which sounded superb!  Have a listen to these.

Air Walkers Yellow Submarine.mp3

Y6 Beatles Yellow Submarine.mp3

Y3 Roman Rhythms

Well done to all the children in Y3 this half term!  They have worked incredibly hard to read musical rhythm patterns and can read and play accurately from musical notation.  The children have used what they have learnt about the Romans to compose pieces of Roman marching music.  We were so impressed that they were able to write their rhythms correctly and play three at the same time with instruments!  We look forward to adding in the marching as well as playing and sharing them with you. 

Picture 1
Picture 2


In2music Concert 

Thank you so much to all the families who came to our concert this morning to celebrate our fantastic playing.  It was great to see the enthusiasm and excitement from Y4 about their pieces and how they rose to the occasion.  Following our concert where we saw Southern Pro Musica the children enjoyed taking a bow and ensuring that the looked and acted like a true musician.  Huge thanks to our fantastic peripatetic teachers too who have encouraged and nurtured our children to make the excellent progress they have on their instruments.  It was great to see on the feedback how much the families enjoyed it.  We can’t wait to share our learning with you again soon!

Can you hear my voice?


Our fantastic Young Voices choir made their own recording of Can you hear my voice.  Have a listen here!  

KH Y56 Choir Can you hear my voice.mp3


Year R: A Bear Hunt

Children in YR have been on a musical ‘bear hunt’ this half term.  They enjoyed using their voices and instruments to find all the sounds in the story and today conductors took us on a bear walk.  It was wonderful to see how confident the children were with the instruments and how much they enjoyed conducting their friends to play and stop.



British Art Show 8 Celebration Event @ City Art Gallery

Thank you so much to the Y5 families who made it through the torrential rain (and incoming snow!) on Thursday 12th Jan to perform at City Art Gallery.  We had the opportunity to explore some of the artwork in the show and took part in a sound workshop with Pedro.  He asked us to capture the words that the art made us think of whilst we were ‘in’ the art.  Using Launchpad on an iPad he recorded us saying some of our words.  Using these we were then able to improvise a piece of music as a group about our responses to the artwork.

In the lecture hall we watched students from Redbridge share their compositions based on a Lynette Yiadom-Boakye which were very reflective about who the lady in the painting was and how she felt.  Then it was our turn, Jessica, Beth, Charlie, Kaitlyn and Daisy took to the stage!  They spoke very clearly about the workshop they had taken part in with Mr Brombley all about the Cally Spooner piece.  They explained how they had used the techniques ‘cut up’ and ‘block out’ to compose their own song based on responses left by fans to a Beyonce song on Youtube.  The group added body percussion and then performed their song.  Mrs Walder and I were very impressed with how they composed themselves ready for performance and how confidently they performed.  They will be presented with their certificates in our school celebration assembly this week.

It was a fantastic evening and a great way to use our composing skills in such a different and unique way.  Thank you again to all the parents who made it possible for their children to take part – they were fantastic! 

 Year 5 Class Song


You sing very brightly x4


You ask me ‘Is that real footage?’

I say ‘Of course!’

Haters will ditch her now

For a while her videos were so bright.


You sing very brightly x4


I love you, I love you.

More than Beyonce

Her halo is very cute

But her forehead is so shiny


You sing very brightly x4


I will forever love this song

The video is the opposite of the song

She’s happy now,  she should make another album


You sing very brightly x4


RIP my song I like this

Never forget you

Will forever love this song

Will forever love this song

Will forever love this song.


Our amazing staff performed their own version of 12 days of Christmas in the final assembly…

Picture 1

Little Voices Community Singing 


On Friday 16th December all 43 members of our Little Voices Choir entertained the residences at Fairfax Court during their weekly coffee morning together.  The choir sang with confidence and enthusiasm together and made lots of residents smile.  Well done and thank you to all the members for sharing their lovely voices!  Have a wonderful time over the holidays and I will see you all on Tuesday 10th January.  


Ukulele Jam Concert

Our amazing ukulele group performed on Thursday 15th December to friends and family.  They have worked so hard as a group together with Mrs Charlton and are playing really confidently, especially as lots of members hadn’t played a ukulele before September when they joined!  It was great to hear their singing and playing and to see how much progress they have made playing different chord patterns.  Well done to all the members!  Mrs Charlton is looking forward to seeing you all again on Thursday 5th January. 

Picture 1

Young Voices Choir Singing at Hawthorn Care Home

Our Young Voices Choir spent a wonderful afternoon with the residents of Hawthorn Care Home on Wednesday 14th December.  We sang lots of our favourite songs including ‘Believe’, ‘Lean on me’ and ‘Can you hear my voice’ to entertain the residents to lots of applause and some very happy faces.  After we were treated to drinks and biscuits before they gave us a leaving gift of some sweets to eat at home!  It was a very special time which we were pleased to have shared.

Community Carol Singing- Tuesday 13th December


Wow!  What a wonderful evening organised by Friends of Hinkler Green.  It was lovely to see so many of our school children and their families at the carol singing on the green.  The rain held off and there were so many smiles whilst singing all the carols.  The mince pies to finish were delicious!  Thank you so much to Friends of Hinkler Green for organising the event and for all our families who supported it.  I can’t wait until next year!

Christmas Lunch


Our wonderful Y5 and Y6 instrumentalists entertained YR and Y1 over their Christmas lunch today.  Over 50 children performed during their first informal concert of the year and there were lots of Christmas tunes for everyone to sing along with.  Well done to all the children who played – it was great to see you performing with such confidence and big smiles on your faces!  I could hear the progress you have made already this term and look forward to hearing you all later in the Spring Term.  Thank you for helping to add the extra sparkle to our Christmas lunch.

Picture 1

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra ‘The Elements’ Concert


On Thursday 8th December a very excited Year 3 headed into Portsmouth to spend the afternoon at the Guildhall.  The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra took them on a musical tour to Mars with Gustav Holst’s ‘The Planets Suite’ through the sky with Stravinksy’s ‘Fireworks’ and ‘The Rite of Spring’ and back to earth with Largo from the ‘New World Symphony’ by Dvorak.  It was such an exciting concert!  Year 3 joined in with the Mars Body Percussion Piece taking part as three aliens with different body percussion and the concert finished with all the children performing the ‘Four Elements’ song composed by James Redwood especially for the event. 

Drum Club Concert   


Our amazing drummers performed to their friends and families on Wednesday 7th December.  They used Bamboo Tamboo to layer rhythms and combine different sounds to create lots of polyrhythms and different patterns.  Mr Brombley is really pleased with the progress of the group.  Throughout the term they have worked very hard together and are performing really well together. 

Picture 1

In2music Celebration


On Wednesday 7th December our In2music children shared their instrumental skills with each other.  It is amazing to think that in only two months they are playing so well.  Each instrument presents its’ own challenges in playing and all of our children have been really resilient and persevered to make the wonderful music they are now able to play.  Don’t forget to keep playing at home over the holidays and bring your instrument back to school on Wednesday 11th January. 

Little Voices Concert


Our Little Voices choir entertained their friends and family on Tuesday 6th December performing a range of songs they have learning this term including the ‘worm’ song and their favourite ‘A cat called Alexander’.  They finished their concert with a range of Christmas songs which they are looking forward to sharing with residents in a local care home later this term.  It was a fantastic concert with some beautiful singing and wonderful smiles from both the choir and their families.  Little Voices will start again on Tuesday 10th January. 


M-tech Project – Music and Mobile Technology


Wow!  What an amazing project.  Mr Brombley has worked with 20 Year 5 children for 10 weeks.  Throughout the project they have explored lots of different apps – Yellofier, Launchpad, Beatwave and Garageband and learnt a LOT of new skills whilst composing.  For the first five weeks we explored each app and found different ways to compose, for example by constructing and deconstructing and about different chords and how we could use them.  We ended before half term using Garageband and looking at combining different sounds in layers.  Each week the group completed their own video blogs talking about what they had learnt.  After half term Mr Brombley set a composing challenge and each group decided on a style for their music.  Applying the skills they had learnt, they set about combining apps for their own compositions.  Everyone in the group learnt loads (including Mrs Lloyd) and had a lot of fun each week.  Today (29.11.16) we had the opportunity to share our compositions with our families and show them what we had been learning.  It has been such a fun project to take part in and we would all like to thank Mr Brombley for working with us each week.  We were delighted to hear today that everyone in the group has achieved their Discover Arts Award as well for their achievements.  Fantastic!!


PLEASE visit to hear our compositions and download our music.  

Picture 1


British Art Show 8 Music Workshop


On Tuesday 29th November some of our Y5 children took part in a British Art Show 8 Music Workshop with Mr Brombley.  The British art show 8 has been touring the country this year and is currently showing at Southampton City Art Gallery. 

A number of the artists in British Art Show 8 explore the way the internet has been changing human relations and the digital world is seeping into our daily lives.  In Damning Evidence Illicit Behaviour Seemingly Insurmountable Great Sadness Terminated In Any Manner (2014) Cally Spooner composes a series of librettos from YouTube comments, which are performed weekly by a professional opera singer. All of the YouTube comments were left by fans responding to moments when celebrities compromised or enhanced live performances with technology, such as Beyoncé lip-syncing at the 2013 presidential inauguration.

Our children looked at cyber bullying and internet safety in response to this piece of artwork.  They used the technique ‘cut up’ to create a lyrical collage cut from comments from various sources.  From these collages they composed a new song.  Finally they created their rap, combining it with percussion and beatboxing.  It was a really fun morning and all the children engaged very well with the task, some real starts emerged!

A group of these children will be performing live at the celebration event on Thursday 12th January at the City Art Gallery.

Please check out the gallery for yourself to discover the range of artwork on show.




A very musical start to our year!

Our year started in September with Year Six attending a ‘Jive Aces’ concert at Portsmouth Guildhall in September.  The Jive Aces were fantastic to see live, singing their own versions of swing and jazz songs and we were amazed when the piano player managed to continue playing with his feet whilst dancing around!


Year Six continued dancing with Noah and the djembes from Africa.  They composed and performed some superb layered rhythms. 

Picture 1


It is lovely to see so many children attending the after school music clubs.  Both ‘Little Voices’ and ‘Young Voices’ are full and are such fun to work with.  All the children are listening really carefully and making superb progress.  We are looking forward to getting out into the community to sing later this term.  Mr Brombley is really pleased with our drumming club who have been playing with the ‘Bamboo Tamboo’ this term and it has been great to see our new Ukulele Jam with Mrs Charlton grow and see how the children are working so well together. 


Our orchestra have been rehearsing hard together and are sounding fantastic with their own version of ’Uptown Funk’ and ‘I’d rather be’; I can’t wait to hear them perfomed!


A group of Year Five pupils are taking part in the M-Tech Project where we have been exploring a range of apps on iPads to compose with and developing our skills.  The children are currently composing their own pieces of music by combining different apps through garageband.  We are looking forward to sharing our final pieces and explaining how we composed them with our parents on Tuesday 29th November from 11-12.  

Picture 1


Year Three are looking forward to seeing the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra ‘Elements Concert’ later this term and are busy learning the songs and all the alien dances ready for their part in the concert!  Please have a look at their website for more information and to practise at home.


Summer Concert

Our Y5 and Y6 instrumentalists performed superbly this morning in their Summer Concert to parents and the rest of the school.  They played with such confidence and it was wonderful to hear the progress they have made this year.  Our thanks go to Mrs Porter, Mrs Watkins and Mr Hanchett for all their hard work during the year and the time and care they take to support our children each week.  I’m so pleased that so many children this year have taken grade exams and that lots will be recognised with a ‘Con Brio’ award from the Music Hub next week in our final assembly.  A big well done from us all.

Tuesday 12th July.  

Eddie the Penguin was performed by Little Voices.

It was amazing!  The children have rehearsed the performance after school each week and worked incredibly hard to learn their lines and all the songs.  They told the story of Eddie the Penguin who discovered his ice was melting.  He travelled around the world with his penguin family helping to save the planet with lots of tips about recycling and keeping in the heat!  All the children looked fantastic on the stage and sounded superb.  Thank you to all the children for all their hard work in Little Voices this year and to all the parents for their support each week. 

Don’t forget to look out for the letter in September to sign up again next year!  


Wow!!!! Our Young Voices choir with children from Y5 and Y6 had an amazing morning with Jon from SOCO at their recording studio.  23 very excited children spent the morning singing to record their new album.  It was wonderful to see all their smiling faces and hear how wonderful they sounded on the recordings.  We can’t wait to hear the final copies and start selling our album!!

Sounds from the Stadium                                                                5th July 2016


We were so lucky to take part in the ‘Sounds from the Stadium’ Concert at St. Mary’s Stadium.  We joined together with over 2000 children from across Southampton for a mass concert.  Singing together with CJ Edwards was amazing and it was lovely to hear Restless Symphony live again along with an opera singer.  Cordelectra (the electronic string trio) were amazing and it was so exciting to play ‘I got bills’ and ‘Cheerleader Song’ along with them on our own instruments.  We ended the concert drumming on our tubs and gave our coppers to Southampton Hospital toward the Maternity echo machine.  Thank you to all our parents who came along and supported us.   It was a fantastic opportunity which we thoroughly enjoyed!


Year 5 are working hard on their compositions using Boomwhackers.  Look at all the different ways to make sounds they’ve found!  Fantastic.

HAT Orchestra


Friday 24th June started fairly quietly before our HAT Orchestra got together with Y5 and Y6 pupils from both Kanes Hill and Hightown Primary.  It turned out to be an amazing day!  The children rehearsed as an orchestra with Mr Hanchett during the morning putting final touches to their pieces from across the year.  They performed to their family and friends at the end of the day and sounded superb.  It was lovely to see the music drawing the children together and enjoy listening to their playing.  All the performers have come such a long way this year and as their improvising showed, we have some true musicians in our mix.  Thank you to Mr Hanchett for all his encouragement and support to develop our players during this year and a massive thank you to all our Y5 and Y6 players for their hard work and dedication to Orchestra this year.  

Wednesday 25th May 2016

In2music Concert

Our Y4 children were fantastic this morning.  They played in a concert for their parents using their trumpets, violins, flutes and clarinets to show just how amazing they were.  They played ‘Tango’ and ‘Cha cha’ as an orchestra along with their arrangement of ‘Saturday night’.  Each instrumental group shared their party piece.  The flutes played a beautiful fanfare in three parts, the violins played their square dance, the trumpets played their blues while the clarinets played their version of ‘Oh when the Saints’.  Each group listened really carefully to each other and played brilliantly!  Thank you so much to all our parents for your support this year, listening to your children playing at home and helping them to bring their instrument in each week.  We really appreciate all your support.

We can’t wait to play at the St. Mary’s football Stadium on the 5th July!  Don’t forget to come and buy your tickets to see us again!

Restless Symphony Workshop


What an amazing morning!!!!  Pupils from Y4 and Y5 started their morning on Tuesday 24th May by taking part in a workshop with Restless Symphony.  Restless Symphony are a 6 piece a Capella group who starred in Gareth Malone’s Naked Choir Show on BBC2 last year.  The children experienced their singing and the group showed how they take songs apart and use different voices and lines to build them back up.  They taught us the bass line and beatboxing for One Direction’s “That’s what makes you beautiful” and we were able to sing with them!   As well as experiencing classical pieces like ‘In the hall of the mountain king’, the children also had the opportunity to ask lots of questions. 

We had an amazing morning and shared our gospel partner songs in 3 singing groups too with the group. 

“It was really, really, really cool – I just wanted to go and sing with them!”

“Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  It was amazing how they sang with their voices.”

“I liked it because they used no instruments and their voice sounded like an instrument.  They taught us how to beatbox.”

“I personally thought they were amazing!”

“My favourite song was ‘In the hall of the mountain king’!”

“I was really inspired and I think more children should have the privilege to hear this group.”

 Check out their website:


Our drumming club have been exploring the Djembe drums.  Have a listen to their final pieces.  Fantastic!!

Kanes Hill Africa.mp3

Che Che Kanes Hill.mp3

Explore Tour

This morning started with a bang!  Children from Early Years, Year One, Year Two and Year Three enjoyed a concert presented by musicians from Southampton Music Hub.  As the children entered the hall they were greeted with the Star Wars theme.  Throughout the concert we toured the various sections of the orchestra, heard how they made their sounds and just what they really sounded like.  We all loved it!  Year One created some fantastic responses in their art diaries after the concert. 


After a quick break all of our Year Three children got hands on with the instruments.  They tried out cellos, violins, ukuleles, clarinets, flutes and a whole range of brass including trumpets, French horns, euphoniums and even a trombone!  The children were amazing and were quickly making sounds and exploring the instruments for themselves.  Well done Year Three!

Big Spring Sing

What an exciting morning Y1 had on Thursday!  Y1 children from both Kanes Hill and Hightown took part in a singing workshop with Fiona Funnell.  Fiona had composed lots of songs about story books and we learnt to sing some before she came.  On the day we added movements and instruments to prepare the songs ready to share with our families.   It was lots of fun and the children sang brilliantly.

Little Voices Choir.


We had an amazing time on Thursday!  Our choir performed superbly and received great feedback from the adjudicator.  He said we were a 'lively group of various ages' and that he really 'liked the open tone' which we made we we sang.  In addition, he commented that we 'communicated to the audience well'.  Thank you so much to the parents who were able to support us there on the day, it was great to see you!
I am so proud of all the singers in the Little Voices Choir - well done to you all, wear your medals with great pride.  

Little Voices Choir  (Year 1 - Year 4)


Our Little Voices choir will be performing in the Showcase Class at the Southampton Music Festival on Thursday 10th March 2016.  Please come along and support us if you can!  Our class starts at 10:30am at Thornden Hall.  The children have been working really hard on their performances and I know will sound fantastic on the day!


As part of our Sign2sing event this year a small group went to Springwell to share the song with children who use Makaton throughout their day.  It was such a lovely assembly to be a part of and the children really enjoyed learning some new songs while we were there too!

Young Voices Concert @ O2 Arena, Thursday 28th January 2016

Young Voices online.


In addition to the CD which your child was given, it is possible to listen to all the songs and learn the dance moves via the Young Voices website.  
Please visit: Click on choir resources.  Your child will need to register with Young Voices using an email address and will need the access code.  The access code is Weare20


The dance videos can also be found on YouTube by searching for YVTV.

There are a lot of lyrics to learn so please enjoy singing and dancing at home too!

Central Hall

Y4 were delighted to be entertained by Southern Pro Musica in a Children’s Concert on Thursday 21st January.  We were sat right at the front of the concert and were able to see our instruments so closely and get a good look at the layout and sound of an orchestra.  Mrs White even had the chance to conduct them!

Little Voices Choir Christmas Singing
Please come along to hear our fantastic children singing in West Quay Shopping Center on Tuesday 8th December.  
We will be performing by the Christmas display on the lower level outside the Bear Factory and GAP from 5-5:30pm.  Please meet Mrs Lloyd from 4:50pm.


Note to performers and parents.
Please could all singers wear their school uniform along with Christmas headwear. 


Don't forget your water!

What an amazing evening we had at The Berry Theatre on 16th July!  We were so proud of all the children who performed - such talented and confident individuals.  It was so lovely to see all the creative arts being celebrated together in one evening.  


In case you weren't there, here's what you missed!


* Our really talented Y5/6 choir performing 'When I grow up' & 'Count on me' with harmony parts which sounded beautiful.


* The dance which our Y3 children created in response to John Adam's 'Ride in a fast machine' - you worked so well as a team!


*  Our clarinet, violin & brass players bravely performing solos or duets.  You were all so brilliant!  


* Y4 children performing as an ensemble to celebrate the end of their In2music project.  We are amazed by the progress you have made and were so proud as you performed all your pieces from staff notation so confidently.  Well done!


* Streetspeare group - you spoke so clearly and with such passion from 'Henry V'.  A superb team effort.


*  Y4/5 performance poetry groups - well done for presented your chosen poems so clearly, you delivered the lines brilliantly and had the audience in stitches.


* Our fantastic 'Little Voices' choir with children from Y1- Y4.  You were amazing!  The

two part singing was fantastic and I am so proud of you all for signing 'I'm still singing' - it was beautiful.  


*   Our amazing Y6 children - your dance to 'Bills, Bills, Bills' was fantastic!  We loved how well you moved together, the gymnastics you performed and Renato's breakdancing!


*  A live performance of 'Something Inside So Strong' which our choirs recorded and are selling on iTunes & Amazon.  It was just as good as the recorded version we made! 


* Finally, all our performers joining together to sing 'Believe'.  You all sang beautifully together and the harmony parts were stunning - people really believed what you were singing and were very moved.



It was such an amazing evening and I would like to thank all the children for all their hard work this term in preparation for the concert.  In addition I would like to thank all the staff at school who contributed to the concert to ensure it was so successful and all the parents who supported us at the theatre. 


A massive Thank You!


A huge thank you and well done to Sarah Lloyd and all the other teachers involved in the Musical Moment last week at the Berry Theatre... The last one was fabulous, but this was even better, and with more moments of a proud lump in the throat and tear in the eye. And the thing is, while a lot of that pride was in my children, some of it truly was pride in and admiration of the school and all you give to all of the children you teach. Because what I really loved wasn't just that the kids acted, sang, played and danced so brilliantly, but that they did it with confidence and pleasure. It was a fantastic end to the term... Thank you again.

Libby Crandon

Kanes Hill Singing on Radio Solent!


Listen to Radio Solent in the two weeks prior to Christmas to hear our amazing Y6 children singing!  
Next week, Radio Solent will be recording our Y6 children ready for their radio debut.  
We are so excited!!

Choir Christmas Singing
Please come along to hear our fantastic children singing in West Quay Shopping Center on Sunday 7th December.  
We will be performing by the Christmas display on the lower level outside the Bear Factory and GAP from 11am to midday.  
Y1-4 Choir 11-11:30  (please meet at 10:50)
Y5/6 Choir 11:30-12


Note to performers and parents.
Please could all singers wear their school uniform along with Christmas headwear.

Don't forget your water!


Thank you for all your support this term, your children have worked incredibly hard during rehearsals and are really looking forward to sharing their singing with you at West Quay!