Inspire Learning Partnership

Music Curriculum

Music Curriculum Statement


Across the Foundation stage, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two, all children have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge of music to stimulate their imagination, creativity and thinking.  Music is one of a group of subjects which we believe supports the development of the whole child.  In our school we believe that by embedding music within our themes we can best engage and excite our children.  Music is used as a creative response and as a stimulus for responding across the curriculum in areas such as writing, movement, drama whilst allowing our children to explore their feelings.


Our music room gives our children the opportunity to use a wide range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments throughout the year.  Alongside this we ensure our children experience instruments from around the world for example large sets of Djembe drums, mini steel pans and junk drums are used for half term units or bespoke workshops led by specialist teachers. 


All children in our school join together to sing daily in a range of groups such as class, year group, key stage and whole school.  We offer opportunities for children to sing in two after school choirs and value the importance of performing in a range of venues to different audiences.  For example we hire The Berry Theatre for all our groups to perform or visit the O2 to sing as part of a Young Voices Concert as well as performing locally with our city.


As part of First Access all our Year 4 children learn an orchestral instrument with support from specialist staff from Southampton Music Hub.  Alongside this we ensure they visit a theatre to hear a performance from a live orchestra with their teachers to gain further insight into their instrument.  Following the project, our children are offered the opportunity to continue their instrumental lessons in Year 5 and Year 6 without any financial support needed from parents.  All these children perform regularly during the year.   To ensure they have the opportunity to develop their musicianship skills further we have a school orchestra who meet weekly.  This group perform pieces by other composer and often themselves.


Across the school we have a listening program which allows our children to become immersed in a style of music for a half term.  This gives our children an opportunity to appraise a wide range of music and develops the skills needed when they are appraising their own compositions. 


We are aiming to develop lifelong musicians who have a real love of music.