Inspire Learning Partnership

Autumn Term


Our amazing staff performed their own version of 12 days of Christmas in the final assembly…

Little Voices Community Singing 


On Friday 16th December all 43 members of our Little Voices Choir entertained the residences at Fairfax Court during their weekly coffee morning together.  The choir sang with confidence and enthusiasm together and made lots of residents smile.  Well done and thank you to all the members for sharing their lovely voices!  Have a wonderful time over the holidays and I will see you all on Tuesday 10th January.  

Ukulele Jam Concert

Our amazing ukulele group performed on Thursday 15th December to friends and family.  They have worked so hard as a group together with Mrs Charlton and are playing really confidently, especially as lots of members hadn’t played a ukulele before September when they joined!  It was great to hear their singing and playing and to see how much progress they have made playing different chord patterns.  Well done to all the members!  Mrs Charlton is looking forward to seeing you all again on Thursday 5th January. 

Young Voices Choir Singing at Hawthorn Care Home

Our Young Voices Choir spent a wonderful afternoon with the residents of Hawthorn Care Home on Wednesday 14th December.  We sang lots of our favourite songs including ‘Believe’, ‘Lean on me’ and ‘Can you hear my voice’ to entertain the residents to lots of applause and some very happy faces.  After we were treated to drinks and biscuits before they gave us a leaving gift of some sweets to eat at home!  It was a very special time which we were pleased to have shared.

Community Carol Singing- Tuesday 13th December


Wow!  What a wonderful evening organised by Friends of Hinkler Green.  It was lovely to see so many of our school children and their families at the carol singing on the green.  The rain held off and there were so many smiles whilst singing all the carols.  The mince pies to finish were delicious!  Thank you so much to Friends of Hinkler Green for organising the event and for all our families who supported it.  I can’t wait until next year!

Christmas Lunch


Our wonderful Y5 and Y6 instrumentalists entertained YR and Y1 over their Christmas lunch today.  Over 50 children performed during their first informal concert of the year and there were lots of Christmas tunes for everyone to sing along with.  Well done to all the children who played – it was great to see you performing with such confidence and big smiles on your faces!  I could hear the progress you have made already this term and look forward to hearing you all later in the Spring Term.  Thank you for helping to add the extra sparkle to our Christmas lunch.

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra ‘The Elements’ Concert


On Thursday 8th December a very excited Year 3 headed into Portsmouth to spend the afternoon at the Guildhall.  The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra took them on a musical tour to Mars with Gustav Holst’s ‘The Planets Suite’ through the sky with Stravinksy’s ‘Fireworks’ and ‘The Rite of Spring’ and back to earth with Largo from the ‘New World Symphony’ by Dvorak.  It was such an exciting concert!  Year 3 joined in with the Mars Body Percussion Piece taking part as three aliens with different body percussion and the concert finished with all the children performing the ‘Four Elements’ song composed by James Redwood especially for the event. 

Drum Club Concert   


Our amazing drummers performed to their friends and families on Wednesday 7th December.  They used Bamboo Tamboo to layer rhythms and combine different sounds to create lots of polyrhythms and different patterns.  Mr Brombley is really pleased with the progress of the group.  Throughout the term they have worked very hard together and are performing really well together. 

In2music Celebration


On Wednesday 7th December our In2music children shared their instrumental skills with each other.  It is amazing to think that in only two months they are playing so well.  Each instrument presents its’ own challenges in playing and all of our children have been really resilient and persevered to make the wonderful music they are now able to play.  Don’t forget to keep playing at home over the holidays and bring your instrument back to school on Wednesday 11th January. 

Little Voices Concert


Our Little Voices choir entertained their friends and family on Tuesday 6th December performing a range of songs they have learning this term including the ‘worm’ song and their favourite ‘A cat called Alexander’.  They finished their concert with a range of Christmas songs which they are looking forward to sharing with residents in a local care home later this term.  It was a fantastic concert with some beautiful singing and wonderful smiles from both the choir and their families.  Little Voices will start again on Tuesday 10th January. 

M-tech Project – Music and Mobile Technology


Wow!  What an amazing project.  Mr Brombley has worked with 20 Year 5 children for 10 weeks.  Throughout the project they have explored lots of different apps – Yellofier, Launchpad, Beatwave and Garageband and learnt a LOT of new skills whilst composing.  For the first five weeks we explored each app and found different ways to compose, for example by constructing and deconstructing and about different chords and how we could use them.  We ended before half term using Garageband and looking at combining different sounds in layers.  Each week the group completed their own video blogs talking about what they had learnt.  After half term Mr Brombley set a composing challenge and each group decided on a style for their music.  Applying the skills they had learnt, they set about combining apps for their own compositions.  Everyone in the group learnt loads (including Mrs Lloyd) and had a lot of fun each week.  Today (29.11.16) we had the opportunity to share our compositions with our families and show them what we had been learning.  It has been such a fun project to take part in and we would all like to thank Mr Brombley for working with us each week.  We were delighted to hear today that everyone in the group has achieved their Discover Arts Award as well for their achievements.  Fantastic!!


PLEASE visit to hear our compositions and download our music.  


British Art Show 8 Music Workshop


On Tuesday 29th November some of our Y5 children took part in a British Art Show 8 Music Workshop with Mr Brombley.  The British art show 8 has been touring the country this year and is currently showing at Southampton City Art Gallery. 

A number of the artists in British Art Show 8 explore the way the internet has been changing human relations and the digital world is seeping into our daily lives.  In Damning Evidence Illicit Behaviour Seemingly Insurmountable Great Sadness Terminated In Any Manner (2014) Cally Spooner composes a series of librettos from YouTube comments, which are performed weekly by a professional opera singer. All of the YouTube comments were left by fans responding to moments when celebrities compromised or enhanced live performances with technology, such as Beyoncé lip-syncing at the 2013 presidential inauguration.

Our children looked at cyber bullying and internet safety in response to this piece of artwork.  They used the technique ‘cut up’ to create a lyrical collage cut from comments from various sources.  From these collages they composed a new song.  Finally they created their rap, combining it with percussion and beatboxing.  It was a really fun morning and all the children engaged very well with the task, some real starts emerged!

A group of these children will be performing live at the celebration event on Thursday 12th January at the City Art Gallery.

Please check out the gallery for yourself to discover the range of artwork on show.



A very musical start to our year!

Our year started in September with Year Six attending a ‘Jive Aces’ concert at Portsmouth Guildhall in September.  The Jive Aces were fantastic to see live, singing their own versions of swing and jazz songs and we were amazed when the piano player managed to continue playing with his feet whilst dancing around!


Year Six continued dancing with Noah and the djembes from Africa.  They composed and performed some superb layered rhythms. 

It is lovely to see so many children attending the after school music clubs.  Both ‘Little Voices’ and ‘Young Voices’ are full and are such fun to work with.  All the children are listening really carefully and making superb progress.  We are looking forward to getting out into the community to sing later this term.  Mr Brombley is really pleased with our drumming club who have been playing with the ‘Bamboo Tamboo’ this term and it has been great to see our new Ukulele Jam with Mrs Charlton grow and see how the children are working so well together. 


Our orchestra have been rehearsing hard together and are sounding fantastic with their own version of ’Uptown Funk’ and ‘I’d rather be’; I can’t wait to hear them perfomed!


A group of Year Five pupils are taking part in the M-Tech Project where we have been exploring a range of apps on iPads to compose with and developing our skills.  The children are currently composing their own pieces of music by combining different apps through garageband.  We are looking forward to sharing our final pieces and explaining how we composed them with our parents on Tuesday 29th November from 11-12.  

Year Three are looking forward to seeing the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra ‘Elements Concert’ later this term and are busy learning the songs and all the alien dances ready for their part in the concert!  Please have a look at their website for more information and to practise at home.