Inspire Learning Partnership

Autumn Term

Carols on the Green


Thank you to ‘Friends of Hinkler Green’ who hosted a wonderful community carol sing along on Tuesday 19th December.  It was lovely to see so many of our children and their families attend the event and enjoy the carols together.  The 12 hours at Christmas was a fantastic song and everyone was smiling as they sang along.  It was great to see the ‘angels’ singing on the hill and the boys enjoy a game of football together.  Thank you very much to St. Christopher’s church for the mince pies and cakes we all enjoyed together afterwards. 

Little Voices Concert – Tuesday 28th November

Thank you to all our families who joined us on Tuesday, the hall was packed out!  Little Voices loved sharing their songs with you all and I was so proud of how well they sang.  They have worked really hard this term, listening carefully and matching their voice with everyone else around them.  We have played lots and lots of singing games and have all had great fun together.  Little Voices will re-start on Tuesday 9th January. 

In2music session with our parents


Y4 had a fantastic morning on Wednesday 15th November.  We were delighted that so many parents and carers joined us in our music lesson to see how much we have already learnt!  We enjoyed sharing our learning with our families and it was great to see so many children taking their instruments home to continue playing at home.  Thank you so much to our brilliant music teachers for our lessons so far and I look forward to hearing all about your playing at home!

Heartbeatz day

Wow! What a day! The Heartbeatz team of Doctors came to Kanes Hill on Wednesday 4th October. HeartBeatz UK is an innovative charity set up in 2017 with the aim of teaching cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to junior school children by using music. Before they arrived KS2 had been busy using the power of music by learning songs all about how to do CPR set to a tempo of 120 bpm which was the speed they worked at all day! Each class had a workshop with Doctor Morden and her colleagues where we got to try out CPR and look at a defibrillator in case we should ever need to use one in future. We all learnt loads and during the day became Heartbeatz Heroes. After school lots of families joined us for a workshop so that our parents and carers could also learn the life-saving skills of CPR. It was great to see so many people join us and hear the hall buzzing. Many thanks to the Heartbeatz team for joining us.

Y3 Song Book

Y3 have spent this half term helping to get the playground singing again! They have investigated lots of different song types and been enjoying music lessons on the playground with balls and skipping ropes! We’ve learnt lots of different clapping patterns and now written our own book of songs to share with everyone outside at playtime. Please ask your child to teach you their song and perhaps share one with them which you used to sing on the playground as a child!

Y4 In2music

We are so proud of our Y4 pupils. They have begun learning their instruments this half term and have been extremely focused and resilient. It has been wonderful to see so many smiles at the end of sessions and to hear how much the children are enjoying their lessons. We would like to invite parents in to join us for an In2music lesson on Wednesday 15th November at 10:25 and children will be able to take instruments home after this session. We look forward to sharing our learning with you!

Y5 Planets

This half term Y5 have been exploring how Holst created each of his pieces in the ‘Planets Suite’ to create the planet in our mind. As part of their topic they have been researching the planets and using ideas from Holst they have composed their own pieces to describe their chosen planet using Audacity on the computers. We have been really impressed with the final compositions – well done Y5!

Y6 Drumming with Noah

Y6 spent an amazing day with Noah to begin their topic on Africa. He showed them how to play the djembes and shared some African songs. Following this day Y6 have been using their new knowledge about African animals to compose their own djembe pieces. It has been great fun and they have listened carefully to each other to layer their polyrhythms.