Inspire Learning Partnership

Autumn Term

December 2018 update


We have been really busy throughout December!


EY children were the first to perform on the stage to retell ‘The Christmas Story’ in their own way.  They used their own sound recordings for donkeys, angels and stars and took to the stage to sing and dance as they created their own special tableau.  Well done to all the children – you sang so well and were really confident throughout both performances.  Many thanks to all our wonderful parents and carers for providing costumes and supporting us. 


A small group from our Young Voices choir were invited to carol sing during a Christmas lunch at Carnival House.  The children represented the school superbly and sang incredibly.  Staff enjoying their lunch commented on how amazingly the children sang and have invited us back again next year!  It was a wonderful opportunity which the children really enjoyed.


Little Voices performed a concert of all their favourite songs from the term.  It was lovely to see all their smiling faces and hear how confidently they sang together.  They have really gelled as a choir and are listening really carefully to each other.  The children loved the crackers maracas song and enjoyed dancing along for their families with instruments!  I can’t wait to hear what they can do next term.  Thank you so much to all our parents who joined us, it was lovely to see so many of you there!


Our Y4 families joined us for our final In2music lesson of the term.  The children are really beginning to shine on their instruments and it was amazing to hear how much they had achieved in such a short space of time.  We are really proud of how resilient they have been and how well they have listened.  Thank you so much to the parents and carers who were able to share the session with their children – it was great to be able to share our learning with you all.


Young Voices gave a Christmas concert with a sing along for their families at the end! Thank you to all our lovely families for joining in with such enthusiasm.  The choir impressed us all with their use of dynamics and part singing.  The solos were wonderful and it was great to see the children singing with such confidence.


Year 1 and Year 2 gave a fantastic performance of ‘A Christmas Recipe’.  It was wonderful to see the children performing and dancing on stage with such confidence and enthusiasm.  The singing was incredible – we were so proud of how well the children sang and signed with Makaton.  We hope you all enjoyed is as much as the children did preparing it!


On Monday 17th December, we gathered with the local community on Hinkler Green to sing Christmas carols together.   It was a lovely evening where local families joined together to sing and share a mince pie together afterwards.  We particularly enjoyed ‘Rudolph’ and the ’12 Hours of Christmas’!  Thank you so much to the Friends of Hinkler Green for arranging the event. 


Y3 and Y4 created their own Christingle Services which they shared with their families at St. Christopher’s Church.  It was great to see so many extended families sat together with their lit Christingles singing.   The children have spent time in class thinking about the true meaning of Christmas and we loved seeing them sharing these with their families after the service.   Thank you to all the parents who shared the walk to church with us. 


Our Y5 & Y6 instrumentalists finished the term by performing for KS1 during their Christmas lunch.  It was great to see how much progress they have made this term and how much they enjoyed playing together.  KS1 children loved being entertained and were entranced by the performances.  Thank you to our instrumentalists for sharing your playing with them – you were amazing! 

October 2018: What a lot of noise!!


This year has started with a lot of noise and exploring sound.  Y3 have been finding out about synethesia through the book ‘Here Comes Frankie’ and painting sounds, looking at notation and are about to start composing their own music to Kandinsky’s pictures.  Y1 have been exploring dynamics with the Gruffalo and mouse.  Y2 and Y6 have been African drumming while Y5 have been deep in space looking at how Holst described the characteristics of each of the planets.  The children are just beginning their own planet compositions to complement their research.

Y4 have started their amazing In2music journey with a concert with their parents by the fantastic peripatetic team of teachers and are spending two weeks exploring each instrument before they make their choice for learning this year. 

Little Voices and Young Voices have started singing together after school weekly and sound superb.  They are making such a lovely end to our days in school.

BBC World Music Day – YolanDa Brown Concert  30.09.18


Our Y6 instrumentalists were extremely lucky today to attend YolanDa Brown's concert at Portsmouth Guildhall. YolanDa was amazing, playing on both Alto Saxophone and Tenor Saxophone. She performed some of her own compositions along with her version of ‘Hello’ by Adele, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran and ‘Is This Love’ by Bob Marley. We loved singing and dancing along especially with ‘Hey Jude’. Her band had a Caribbean reggae feel and were amazing.


Following the concert all 2500 children went outside onto the steps to perform One World to celebrate BBC World Music day. It was amazing to perform alongside YolanDa and sing in such a massed choir.